Vote Here! Real Women Style Awards Sasha AgentQuite the Surprise

A couple of months ago, a blogger, friend, and co-worker of mine by the name of The Rene Berry, convinced me to submit my pictures for the Redbook Magazine’s Real Women Style Awards. Right away I immediately thought I would never stand out in a national contest of that magnitude. Well, I was wrong, and here I am!

I was chosen by the editors of Redbook Magazine  as one of twenty-five finalists! Crazy right? Until May 10th, one fan fave will earn an instant spot on the cover of the September Redbook cover! How cool is that? What I love about this campaign–it’s all about style. Each woman featured on their voting site has such amazing style, so honestly, it’s already such an honor to even be placed next to them.

Vote Here! Real Women Style Awards Sasha AgentSo what’s the end goal?

Six women will go to New York city and shoot the cover for September’s Redbook magazine issue! Talk about once in a lifetime, plus I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt my new blogging career. I think It would also be so cool to represent Dallas.

I Need Your Vote!

From my followers, I would simply need as many votes as you’re willing to give me until May 10th–every vote counts! Trust me, I know better than anyone that time is extremely precious and valuable. One is allowed to vote every hour–that’s a lot of time and having to remember! So, just whenever you happen to think of me, or see a post–this page will be here on my site so you can increase my chances! Now just heads up, there are two “Sasha” finalists (but of course right?) I’m sure the other Sasha is fabulous, but I’ll be the one with a hat on (the picture I have featured above is the one featured on their page as well).

Here is the direct link to my profile!

Thank you so much for all of your support!

Vote Here! Real Women Style Awards Sasha Agent