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Lingerie Over Clothes: It’s a Nightie Kind of Day

Not Just Lingerie 

Wearing lingerie over your clothes is actually a thing… crazy right?! However, for the record, this still must be done tastefully. While shopping at one of my favorite thrift stores, I found a brand new (with tags) corset sheer night gown. I flashed back to an article I read about wearing lingerie over clothes that I immediately dismissed. I held up the night gown, and thought–“I think I could do something with this.” This piece actually hung in my closet for a while before I got the courage to test it out. Once I put it on–I saw how brilliant it was. I realized that this whole lingerie thing could actually be pretty unique.

I first dressed this look up by paring it with green Who What Wear pants from Target. I wore my show stoppin’ snake skin heels and antique earrings from my favorite resale spot, Your Resale in Carrollton, TX.

Toning it Down

To sort of downplay this look a bit, I changed out my dress pants for casual and distressed boyfriend jeans. I also added a pop of color by rockin’ my red fringe heels by Steve Madden.

Be sure to check out my Spring Lookbook video blog to see this look in action!

Happy Thrifty Thursday!

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Quality Thrifting at Thred Up

Quality Thrifting at Thred Up

New Blogger Problems

I’m not gonna lie, it’s tough being a new blogger on a tight budget. The reality is, I’m building a brand, a business really–and with that comes a lot of out of pocket expenses. Established bloggers are receiving their products from companies, or getting paid to advertise on their sites, or both–but at some point they had to have started somewhere. Most likely that somewhere was out of their own pockets.

Let me tell ya now, my pockets ain’t deep! Ha! And although I do receive some items as gifts, most of what I blog about are things that I’ve purchased. I try to explain to my husband that it’s like starting a small business (I can just see him rolling his eyes now).

Thrifting for Quality

One way to help me build up my wardrobe, especially my handbag collection, is through a company known as Thred Up–an online consignment store that will blow your mind! I have an obsession for clutch purses, and through Thred Up, I found an amazing deal–a classic black leather Rebecca Minkoff clutch. The price was amazing, and on top of that, I received 40% off since it was my first purchase–it was a win win.

When it comes to purchasing quality pieces that won’t be going out of style, I’ll be making my way over to Thred Up!

Sasha Agent

Quality Thrifting at Thred UpRebecca Minkoff Clutch//Thred UpQuality Thrifting at Thred Up  Lace Shirt by Who What Wear//TargetQuality Thrifting at Thred UpDistressed Boyfriend Jeans//Shop this look here.    Quality Thrifting at Thred Up   My favorite heels this season… Fringe Heels//Steve Madden and Public Desire.Quality Thrifting at Thred Up   Shop this look below, and thank you for your endless support! XOXO

Lula B’s… My Thrifty Thursday Shopping Experience

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 Lula B's... My Thrifty Thursday Shopping Experience Sasha AgentNot Your Typical Antique Mall

Hey guys! Welcome back! Okay so, the fact that Lula B’s is an antique mall may throw you–don’t let it! This isn’t your typical antique store–in fact your grandmother probably wouldn’t be into this place, unless she’s pretty hip like my mom–so I take that back.

Fan-Tabulous Lula B’s!

Anyhow, this place is FAN-TABULOUS! It’s two stories of awesomeness–filled with funky, retro, and contemporary finds–anything from home decor, furniture, vintage clothes/accessories, and even art! Best of all, Lula B’s is located in the heart of Deep Ellum in Downtown Dallas, Texas–home of the 42 Murals Project. If you visit, you’ll find awesome wall art, in addition to one of a kind restaurants–I highly recommend Serious Pizza–it’s super duper serious.

What I Found

Lula B's... My Thrifty Thursday Shopping Experience Sasha AgentI came up with some amazing finds at my darling Lula B’s. My first find was a pair of red plaid heels that were to die for–and they were only 5 bucks! Next, I found a vintage 1960’s pink gown which was featured on my Martin Luther King article, and is the main feature on today’s post. There were also quite a few finds that I just had no business purchasing–due to the fact that my husband would’ve flipped, such as a 70’s fur coat (featured on today’s video–don’t forget to check it out). This coat was stunning, and it totally reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex in the City.” Last, but certainly not least, there were two adorable dogs. These guys practically live at this place, and they love greeting their guests!

See my pictures below for one of my stunning finds… You will definitely see me sporting more vintage finds from my favorite vintage one stop shop, Lula B’s!

Lula B's... My Thrifty Thursday Shopping Experience Sasha AgentCheck out this amazing 1960’s gown I found for $12 bucks! I found a vintage dress with some similarities–but check the price difference… YIKES!Lula B's... My Thrifty Thursday Shopping Experience Sasha AgentLula B's... My Thrifty Thursday Shopping Experience Sasha AgentI didn’t buy this, but I love cool finds like this!Lula B's... My Thrifty Thursday Shopping Experience Sasha AgentGotta own some of these if you’re a Texan! Also, if you’re lovin’ my tutu, it’s still available! Just click here!Lula B's... My Thrifty Thursday Shopping Experience Sasha AgentA little Donna Summers love…Lula B's... My Thrifty Thursday Shopping Experience Sasha AgentMy sweet little friends again… They even knew how to work the camera!   An iconic mural right outside of Lula B’s.  Another, right across the street!
Lula B's... My Thrifty Thursday Shopping Experience Sasha AgentIf you’re in the area, you’ve got to check them out!

Lula B’s Antique Mall

2639 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226

Tag me in your Instagram or Twitter pics if you find something cool! And don’t forget to check out today’s YouTube video blog to see my Thrifty Thursday shopping experience! Having trouble with thrift shopping? Check out my tips here!