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Travel Style: Hittin’ the Beach with Tobi

A Tropical Vacation… Well the Next Best Thing

Sasha Agent wearing tropical cami dress with tassel earringsTropical’ish Vacation?

Typically my husband and I are able to do something fun for our girls during the summer. Even when our budget is tight, we try to do something special as far as traveling. This summer is a bit different… For one, we have a new addition to our family. Some of you may know that traveling long distances with new babies can be quite fun right? Not to mention having to pack a million and one things, being trapped on an airplane, or the inconvenience of not having your everyday items at your disposal. I’m stressed just thinking about it! I’ve been there done that, and now know better. Instead of the stress, we’re heading (more…)

Packing List for my Southwest Road Trip

Blogger Sasha Agent wearing embroidered shirt in the Southwest

Next Stop… The Southwest

Because my husband and I are teachers, and we get the summers off, we try to plan at least one big annual vacation. During our first year of marriage, we explored Nuevo Nayarit in Mexico, the year after that we took on Northern California cramming in Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and San Francisco. Last year was Disney World and the whole Orlando experience, but this year we wanted more out of our trip. We thought it would be pretty cool to take a family road trip exploring the Southwest–West Texas, New Mexico, and ultimately the Grand Canyon.


Fashionable leather tote packed with shoes and distressed jeansThe planning part of the trip was easy! We simply discovered all of our hotels using Tavelocity–which is always pretty simple. The difficult part was planning out what to wear, all while packing pretty lightly (and trust me, this was a challenge for me).

Blogger Sasha Agent wearing distressed denim cutoffs and boho top

Today, I’m going to give you a glimpse into my packing list–sort of first access to my outfits and accessories before I even blog about them. Take a look at my Lookbook below for a little sneak preview of what you will be seeing on the blog throughout the next couple of weeks. You will definitely see that I specifically chose pieces that can fit into a Southwest kind of lifestyle, as well as an everyday summer lifestyle.

Wish us luck throughout our journey–especially the fact that we are traveling with a 2-year-old in the middle of intense potty training (YIKES!) However, I’m so looking forward to quality time with my family, beautiful scenery, and inspiring all of you, my followers!

Enjoy! And happy Friday!


My Packing List