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My Top 10 Must Do List for Austin, Texas

My Top 10 Must Do List for Austin, Texas by Sasha Agent

This past three-day weekend was amazing. I never realized how incredible Austin, Texas was. I’ve driven through and even enjoyed watching a musical there, but I never embraced the city as a true Austonian.

There are a ton of things to do, more than we had time for of course, but I do have some amazing recommendations if you happen visit.

My Top 10 Austin Must Do’s

  1. Start with the history! I know for some this may seem boring, but I promise it’s not! Go to the State Capital; It’s actually very pretty, and it’s a great place to kick off your trip!My Top 10 Must Do List for Austin, Texas by Sasha AgentFamily selfie at the State Capital.
  2. Walk the strip! From the State Capital, head toward Congress Avenue until you reach South Congress or SoCo. Enjoy the shops, restaurants, food trucks, music and beautiful homes.My Top 10 Must Do List for Austin, Texas by Sasha AgentShopping on South Congress.
  3. Taste the authentic. When in Austin, you must taste the BBQ! We tried out a cool spot called Franklin Barbecue and it was pretty darn good! The meat was incredibly tender and cooked to perfection!My Top 10 Must Do List for Austin, Texas by Sasha AgentPre barbecue selfie at Frankin Barbecue!
  4. Visit the Lady! Lady Bird Lake is a beautiful lake so conveniently located within the heart of the city. Along the lake, there are trails and places where you can picnic (eat your bbq). You’ll also see that a lot of the locals are super active and love to get out for outdoor activities.My Top 10 Must Do List for Austin, Texas by Sasha AgentHangin’ at Lady Bird Lake.
  5. Batter up! Okay, so maybe no baseball, but you must check out the bats at dusk. In the spring and summer months, what seems like millions of bats, take flight from a bridge and begin their hunting festivities. See it on my Snapchat Adventures YouTube video!
  6. Splurge in those sweets. Once you make your way back to South Congress, make sure you pick up some ice cream along the way. The ice cream spots are to die for! We especially loved Amy’s Ice Creams!My Top 10 Must Do List for Austin, Texas by Sasha AgentDon’t forget the ice cream! Check out Amy’s Ice Creams!
  7. Not your average museum. My hubby surprised us and found a cool spot known as the Hope Outdoor Gallery. This outdoor gallery was filled with beautiful street art full of urban flavor and colors!My Top 10 Must Do List for Austin, Texas by Sasha AgentStreet art outside of the Hope Outdoor Gallery.
  8. Thrift it up! Austin has a ton of cool thrift shops and antique stores, so be sure to allot time do a little treasure hunting.My Top 10 Must Do List for Austin, Texas by Sasha AgentWall art goals!
  9. Refresh! Take some time to refresh your body and mind by swimming in the famous natural spring pools of Austin. You may need to drive a bit more out of the way for a couple, but it’s well worth it. For more of a pool setting check out, Barton Springs, or Krause Springs for more of a natural setting.My Top 10 Must Do List for Austin, TexasPicnic at Krause Springs.           .
  10. Sweets to go! On your way back to your destination, you may want to stop at the world-famous donut shop outside of Austin called, Round Rock Donuts. The line may be long, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of time before they close.

The ATX was incredible, and I’m so glad we got to enjoy so much in so little time. There’s still so much more to do–but we definitely plan on returning to do more exploring!

Don’t forget to check out my Snapchat adventure video on YouTube and shop my post below for some of my favorite Austin looks! Stay tuned for more Austin style!

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Austin Bound: The Fashionista’s Spring/Summer Packing List

Austin Bound: The Fashionista's Spring/Summer Packing ListThe Busy Blues

My husband and I were talking about how insane our schedules were and how we so deserved a quick getaway. You see, between teaching, coaching, our ten-year old’s dance schedule, his evening coaching gig, my blog, and our demanding toddler–life is a bit jam-packed… just a little bit.

Miracles Do Happen

Austin Bound: The Fashionista's Spring/Summer Packing ListWell, recently a miracle occurred; we discovered that he is free of basketball
tournaments this coming weekend, and on top of that, we have a three-day weekend. This is seriously a miraculous event. What does this mean? Road trip! We decided to take the fam on a quick road trip the state capital of Texas–Austin.

Austin Here We Come!

So with this, I’ve decided to hook you guys up with a style rich packing guide–just in case you ever travel to Austin, or any other country lovin’ destination.

Austin Bound: The Fashionista's Spring/Summer Packing List

Pack it Up!

  1. The Spring Weekend Tote: Lovin’ the classic basket tote by Target with the trendy and colorful fru fru thing. I have no idea what you call that thing, but it’s awesome.
  2. The Mexican blanket: I actually bought this amazing blanket from a flea market in Mexico when my husband and I got married, however, they’re so easy to find. Here is a great one from Target! These are essential for picnics, and oh yeah, staging photos like this. Ha!
  3. Picnic Basket: In Austin we plan on site seeing a bit. I plan on packing sandwiches and snacks, and this picnic basket from Macy’s is perfect because it comes stocked with reusable plates, cups, napkins, forks, spoons, and knives.
  4. Sunnies: I was never really a sunglasses person up until I recently discovered affordable yet trendy online sunglasses retailer, Eye Feel Shady. Sunglasses can really be that final touch an outfit needs.  So glad I found them! Here I featured my favorite floral sunnies, perfect for the Spring and ATX!
  5. Spring Hat: The hat is a must… Here I feature a white and black fedora from Shopbop gifted by my good friend, The Rene Berry. I actually don’t own a cowboy straw hat… I know! How can I be a Texan without a cowboy hat? But I plan on begging the hubs for one when we get to Austin. Stay tuned! Haha!

Inside the bag (Minus the Dog)

Austin Bound: The Fashionista's Spring/Summer Packing List


Vaca pics coming soon! Have an awesome week!


Sasha Agent

Hangin’ in Denton #DTay Style

Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comSo Who is DTay?

Although she would never admit it, Mrs. Taylor is a style goddess. I’m not quite sure if she realizes just how obsessed I am with her style, but I’m hoping after today’s post she’ll see how amazing she is.

More than a History Lesson

Mrs. Taylor is a U.S. History teacher at the middle school I work at, and a few years back I had the privilege of co-teaching with her. It’s sort of funny because I happened to learn more than just historical facts–I learned a lot about styling, and discovered my love for bohemian and rustic styles.

Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comMrs. Taylor or DTay, is a pro when it comes to styling bohemian wear and can wear the heck out of some cowboy boots without ever overdoing it.  She brilliantly adds other styles into the mix as well, all while staying true to herself. She can also layer like no other! She layers statement jewelry such as, silver bangles and necklaces effortlessly. She will also pair clothing with pieces you would never expect to work together.

Denton Square

Over our rainy Spring Break, DTay invited my mom and I to her beautiful farm house styled home (which is to die for) located right outside of Denton, TX. She had planned to take us to Downtown Denton to check out some of her favorite shops–score!

Taylor mainly shops one of a kind pieces, but you can shop my post below for #DTayStyle inspired pieces.

See my pictures and quick Snapchat video below to see what we found!  I will definitely be returning to Denton for the days I want to channel my inner #DTayStyle. If you’re a Dallas local, come out and shop Denton Square–you’ll love it!

Thank you DTay!


Sasha Agent

Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comJust some of the many DTay styles. Take a close look at how she layers her beautiful silver jewelry pieces.
Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.com  First stop… Sleeping Lizzards. This place is a bit more than just your average gift shop. In fact, this store is loaded with the most beautiful and affordable costume jewelry. If you click here, you’ll find the fringe earrings DTay bought me as a Christmas gift–they’re one of my faves, and were purchased from this store. If you’re not a Dallas local, you can click here for similar looks.Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comWe’ve all heard of Build a Bear, check out, Build a Necklace! The first necklace bar I’ve ever seen! <3 <3
Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comHangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comSome arm candy I found for an amazing price of $25 bucks! If you’re not a local, I found something similar here and here.
Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.com  Mrs. Taylor found these copper earrings for $6 dollars (see similar here), scroll up to the top to see how she wore them! She’s brilliantly layered them with dainty pearl earrings. See similar looks here and here as well!Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comIf you watch the short Snapchat video above, you’ll see it was love at first sight when I found this necklace at Sleeping Lizzards. Loving these blue stones! Click here for a similar look!Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comCoffee stop at the West Oak Coffee Bar on the Square!
Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.com Cool wall alert! Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comWe also made a stop at another amazing shop known as Circa Vintage 77, a vintage clothing store that will even rent out high end vintage dresses. I was channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw! I found a similar look here.Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comThis dress is to die for! Click here to contact them about renting or purchasing this dress, or click here for a similar look.

Shop today’s looks and #DTayStyle inspired looks below!