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Crisp and Cotton Summer Whites with SheIn

Floppy beach hat with basket and leather tote and summer whites collection.

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Happy Monday everyone! We are literally on our way to Galveston, Texas for a quick little getaway, and boy did I procrastinate. Maybe it’s this whole breastfeeding, mom of three, trying to be a full-time blogger thing? Ha! Yeah, I’m back to stretching myself thin again–but I guarantee this won’t be the case once I (more…)

The Ultimate Summer Bag: Picnic Basket Craze

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blog | Sasha Agent | summer bag | straw bags

The 2017 Summer Bag: Picnic Basket Craze

Fashion tip: Ladies, check your picnic baskets to see if they could also double as a handbag… lol! But seriously… This summer it’s all about the wooden handbag, straw tote, or even basket purse.  My latest statement bag is for sure a classic for summers to come. Introducing… [insert drumroll] Gaia’s Ark by Cult Gaia.

blog | Sasha Agent | summer bag | straw bagsFashion in Art Form

Today’s feature, and ultimate summer bag of 2017, is literally a piece of art. Gaia’s Ark in natural is the latest must have in street style wear, and its natural color allows you to wear it with pretty much everything. This Japanese style bag is made from real bamboo, and its unique look will for sure make people stop and stare out of envy. I don’t consider myself a minimalist, nor do I wear many contemporary looks. However, with this summer bag–no matter what you wear, it’s going to look finished and polished because of this amazing summer bag. I’ve seen others wear this bag with sundresses, jeans, and even sneakers–either way, Gaia’s Ark in natural adds that unique piece of personality to your summer look.

Below, you can shop my favorite summer bag via Cult Gaia in addition to more great styles by my faves–Target, Free People, and Nordstrom (basket style). If you love my vintage romper )(also seen here), you will also see similar looks linked below.

Enjoy my friends! And happy hump day!


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blog | Sasha Agent | summer bag | straw bagsblog | Sasha Agent | summer bag | straw bags

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