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OOTD: Crushin’ on Stripes, Pockets, and Bows

Blogger OOTD Cold Shoulder, contrast tie dress, pink drop earrings, and pink lipstick

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Contrast Tie Cold Shoulder Dress

Back to Reality

Happy Wednesday everyone! Okay guys, so I’m back to the 9-5 grind, but you know what–so far, so good! I know, I know… all this positivity could be possibly coming from the fact that students haven’t arrived yet (haha), but honestly, I’m feeling pretty good about this school year, and I’m ready to start (more…)

I’m Talkin’ American Details

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I'm Talkin' American Stripes and Details by Sasha AgentAmerican Details

I’m literally “talkin‘” American details this week! Like I mentioned on my last post, I was recently interviewed on a podcast known as, American Layers, a show that focuses on classic clothes, Ralph Lauren, or anything American. Host, Dave Money (@dave_money3), thought it would be cool to hang a bit and talk about my days cheering for America’s Team, and my life as a wife, mom, and teacher in Texas.

I’m honestly not super comfortable with public speaking, and when you check out the episode, you’ll probably hear a lot of nervous giggles. Ha! I was pretty anxious, however, after a few minutes I seemed to warm up a bit–Dave is really great about keeping things light.

American Stripes

After interviewing, I felt inspired. I immediately started shopping classic looks, and I of course naturally gravitated to stripes. There’s just something so American and classic when it comes to those beautiful vertical lines–maybe it’s the whole American flag resemblance thing?

Shopping American Details

I discovered a new brand, J.O.A., or Just One Answer–it’s a brand that creates classic clothes, but their pieces all seem to have an edginess about them, and I’m all about that edge! Last week, I posted two blogs about an amazing J.O.A. two piece, and how to mix and match it. Today’s J.O.A. jumpsuit is incredible and full of details! I’m talkin’ wraparound side cutouts, side buckles, wide leg pants, exposed zippers, frayed hem line, and best of all, pockets!

Be sure to check out this week’s YouTube video where you can see all of the details. Also don’t forget to listen in on episode 13 of The American Layers show, “America’s Team.” Keep up with Dave’s episodes and follow him, @dave_money3, on Instagram!

Have an amazing week!


Sasha Agent

I'm Talkin' American Stripes and Details by Sasha AgentJOA JumpsuitI'm Talkin' American Stripes and Details by Sasha Agent  Jeffrey Campbell Platform Sandals (See similar here) I'm Talkin' American Stripes and Details by Sasha AgentVintage Coach Crossbody (See similar here and here)  I'm Talkin' American Stripes and Details by Sasha Agent Close up details… <3I'm Talkin' American Stripes and Details by Sasha Agent  Jeffrey Campbell Wedges (See similar wedges by Jeffrey Campbell here and here. I also love these). I'm Talkin' American Stripes and Details by Sasha Agent Thank goodness for street fashion…  Click here for my Neo AdidasI'm Talkin' American Stripes and Details by Sasha AgentI'm Talkin' American Stripes and Details by Sasha Agent  Fringe wrap up heels (Click here and here)
I'm Talkin' American Stripes and Details by Sasha Agent

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Classic Stripes with a Twist

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Classic Stripes with a Twist by Sasha Agent

Let’s Talk Classic America

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to make an appearance (well my voice at least) on a podcast show by the name of American Layers. American Layers is a show that focuses on individuals who share particular obsessions with classic clothes such as, Ralph Lauren, preppy fashion, as well as anything Americana. So why was I interviewed? Ha! I would say the bulk of our conversation revolved around my two years as an American Sweetheart for the Dallas Cowboys. Naturally we spoke fashion as well, and let’s just say host, Dave Money, gave me inspiration to tap into my preppy side.

Seeing Classic Stripes

After my interview with Dave, I wanted to see what Ralph Lauren had in store for Spring 2016. Of course I was inspired and in love! I saw stripes, classic prints, yet there was still an edginess. I loved that there was something a bit unconventional about certain pieces. Dresses with pockets, asymmetrical designs, pops of bright colors to off set the classic–so immediately I fell in love. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so crazy about the prices. It was nice to window shop, but I was on a mission to find a similar, yet affordable look.

My New Jam

Success! This week I’m featuring a super fun striped two piece set by J.O.A. Los Angeles (Just One Answer). I found exactly what I was inspired by in the Spring Ralph Lauren collection–classic stripes with just a touch of unconventional. You guys also know I’m a sucker for dresses with pockets, but what really makes this set so different is the top. This cropped tie top can be tied in the front, or the back allowing for multiple looks–another win! Follow my blog this week as I show you how I took this set and turned it into six more classic, yet edgy looks!

Check out  my pictures below to shop my looks, and don’t forget to check out this week’s YouTube video for a sneak peek! My episode isn’t ready yet, but be sure to tune into American Layers for more classic fashion talk.

Have a wonderful week!


Sasha Agent

Classic Stripes with a Twist by Sasha AgentJ.O.A. Stripe Midi Skirt (Pockets!)  J.O.A. Stripe Tie Top//Shopbop
Classic Stripes with a Twist by Sasha AgentFringe Lace Up Heels//Public DesireClassic Stripes with a Twist by Sasha Agent
Classic Stripes with a Twist by Sasha AgentSassy Pop: Striped Top (old Forever 21). Click here and here for similar)  Click here for Sassy Pop’s skirt//Forever 21 Girls

Classic Stripes with a Twist by Sasha AgentBoyfriend White Button Up Shirt//Old Navy  Knotted Belt (See similar here)//Who What Wear Target
Classic Stripes with a Twist by Sasha AgentBowtie Sunglasses gifted by Eye Feel Shady xoxoClassic Stripes with a Twist by Sasha AgentRiri Sunglasses (My Fave) also gifted from Eye Feel ShadyClassic Stripes with a Twist by Sasha AgentDenim Midi Skirt (get it here for 60% off!)//Mango

Classic Stripes with a Twist by Sasha AgentMustard Mary Jane Platforms (See similar here and here)//Jeffrey Campbell

Classic Stripes with a Twist by Sasha AgentStay tuned for more looks using this top! Can’t wait? Click here for a sneak peek! XOXO


American Girl: Red, White, Blue and Stripes

Classically American

Today’s All American striped look is a spin off from yesterday’s post, “Stripes, the Remix Featuring SheIn.” I blogged and posted a YouTube video about the classic look and flexibility of black and white stripes. I’ve actually blogged about this topic before, showing off one of my favorite Gina+Kate dresses, teaching how to style a black and white dress. The fabulous thing about my SheIn striped two piece set is that it can be mixed and matched. This is amazing for fashionistas like me, who are on a budget.

America: Home of the Red, White, Blue and oh yeah… Stripes

So maybe I’ve added a new pattern to the traditional, all American, red, white, and blue– however, this look certainly  gives you that American vibe right? I sort of feel like I’m channeling my inner Gwen Stefani, or at least one of her Harajuku back up dancers, minus the hair accessories. Ha!

American Leg Illusions

I shot this look on my last day in New York. My amazing Broadway star bestie took these photos, and now I love her even more because she made my legs look super long! So shout out to Becky for workin’ some camera angle magic!

Click my links and photos below for my American Girl meets Harajuku girl style! Haha! And don’t forget to check out yesterday’s video post on YouTube featuring all of my striped remixes!

Enjoy the rest of your week and remember, keep it positive!


Sasha Agent American Girl Striped Two Piece Set by SheIn (15.99)//Click here Sasha Agent American Girl I just LOVE this look! Royal Blue Bubble Skirt (ASOS) old//See similar look here!

Sasha Agent American Girl Use your imagination a little, ditch the red clutch and pair this top with a bubble gum pink skirt instead… YES!m Perfect for Valentine’s Day! I would totally get this skirt, but my husband has me on a shopping diet for the rest of the month. It’s only $29 bucks! (Crying just a little).

Sasha Agent American Girl Red Fringe Clutch//Click here for a similar look.Sasha Agent American Girl And finally, these boots really make a loud statement. The button details really make these beauties pop! These boots are from Free People (old), however, I recently found a similar pair, click here. If you really just want the look of, “Over The Knee Boots”//Click here and here.Sasha Agent American Girl
Such a classic all American look, but with an edge of course… I LOVE STRIPES!

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Stripes: The Remix Featuring SheIn

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Double the Stripes

Stripes are, and forever will be, a classic wardrobe staple. There’s just something simple about the clean lines of black and white stripes that allow for unlimited remixing.

You all know that I’m a major fan of the two piece set–because mixing and matching means, saving money and looking fab! The best thing about this killer two piece set, it was $15.99! It just doesn’t get much better than that!

Unlimited Stripes

I pre-ordered this striped two piece set by SheIn a couple of months ago, hoping I would get it in time for my post Christmas New York trip. When it arrived, I was so amazed at how adaptable this set was. The craziest part, I could easily create 5 more looks, in addition to the looks I showed you on today’s video! It’s literally amazing! With this unbelievable set, you can create unlimited combos in your ever-changing wardrobe.

Remix it Up!

For the rest of this week, I will be showing off multiple ways to wear this striped two piece set… some super chic, and others more casual with a slight edge to it. Each post will have outfit details that I don’t reveal on today’s YouTube video, so make sure you check back in to receive the direct links.

If you’re feeling inspired, fill out my contact form, or tag me in a post on Instagram or Twitter @snafierce, if you want to show off or tell me about your striped look.

Hope you’re having a fabulous and positive  week!


So in love with this two piece!Red fringe clutch click here.Knee high boots click here and here. Click here for a similar button up look.
Check out these amazing acting skills! Ha! Pretending to catch a cab… I should probably stick to my day job.Long black suede gloves (Old Banana Republic) click here for a similar look. Cheaper alternative… click here.Genuine leather jacket click here.faux leather jacket click hereThanks for checking in! Stop by tomorrow for my next stripped remix… The All American Girl.