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Postpartum and Adjusting to My New Body

The Postpartum Body | Mom Blog |

The Postpartum Body

Taytem: “Mommy, your tummy is still a little bit big!” Me: Thanks Tay… (Sigh). Maybe my moms out there can relate to this… you know that feeling after you have your baby–you justThe Postpartum Body | Mom Blog | don’t feel like you. In fact, pregnancy looked a bit more like you than this current you. The positives? Well, you can breathe again, instant heartburn relief, and maybe you can even see your toes! The negatives? This new body of yours is smaller, but also distorted. During postpartum, your body continues to change, and what fit you one week, won’t necessarily fit you the next. Even if you were given the pass from your doctor to workout (after the 6-8 weeks) you’re too sleep deprived and tired to even think of such a thing.

The Transition

During this postpartum transition, I try to wear pieces that won’t break the bank–especially because I know my body will change. Oh and did I mention the whole breastfeeding thing? Since I’m breastfeeding, my chest is huge–and for me, this is not a good thing. I’m the type of gal who is totally good with being a B cup. Transitioning from a B to a D is quite alarming when you’re used to being a small size–especially because these new assets suddenly change how everything fits you!

SheIn to the Rescue

Now that I’m looking for transitional clothes (preferably dresses because they’re easy) I want to find pieces that are affordable since I won’t be wearing them too long–well, I hope so at least. Today’s dress is a beautiful summer ready piece–super lightweight and flowy. This off the shoulder/hi-low dress also has an adjustable belt tie making it very easy to adapt to your changing body. Check out more from SheIn here! I promise you’ll fall in love with their summer pieces andThe Postpartum Body | Mom Blog | amazing prices.

And how cute is Tay’s adorable off the shoulder dress? The same transition rule applies to toddlers as well, which is why I love affordable clothes for my kids too! See below for her adorable dress!

Well, we will see what my body looks like next week! Hey maybe I can actually get a pair of my old jeans on? I highly doubt that though–ha!

Have a wonderful long weekend my friends!

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Bardot Bishop Sleeve Ruffle Trim Dip Hem Dress//SheIn

Toddler Girls’ Eyelet A Line Dress//Target

The Postpartum Body | Mom Blog |The Postpartum Body | Mom Blog |The Postpartum Body | Mom Blog |

Not Prepared and The Perfect Pink Bomber

Motherhood| Pink bomber jacket

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Pink Bomber jacket//SheIn

Tulle Dress//bumpNbeyond

Motherhood| Pink bomber jacketWhy Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?!

Okay, so here I was thinking that I’ve been experiencing the typical life as a mom of two, but I was absolutely wrong! After day two in the hospital, things got real–and when it rains, it pours right? Day two in the hospital was a bit brutal. The pain and recovery after a c-section is already rough in itself, however, both of my girls had school, which was great, plus I figured they’d be better off continuing their normal activities. My mom was also wonderful with keeping them overnight so we didn’t have this crazy family of five setting’ up shop in a hospital room. Over the weekend, however, was when things got real. First, my oldest had to get ready for a dance competition we had been anticipating for months. There are certain things that only mothers know how to handle, so I had to find a way to get her hair and makeup done before the big show. Luckily, IKids fashion | Motherhood  had her teammate’s mom to help with more makeup details. While I was getting her makeup together, I picked up on something different from my three year old, Taytem. She seemed louder than usual, whiny, irritable, and just down right cray cray! In the midst of the stress, I sort of overlooked it and continued on with getting my oldest ready.
Motherhood| Pink bomber jacket| Kids fashionThe next morning we had another obstacle; recital pictures at Taytem’s dance studio. My
hubby picked Tay up from my moms’ house and brought her to me for hair and makeup. Not only were things crazy, but Taytem was for sure acting differently again. She was singing really loud, not listening, and again–just a mess! Haha! My question is, why didn’t anyone tell me about this transition? I didn’t realize the jealousy thing kicked in pretty much immediately.  I assumed there would be some type of honeymoon period at least. Also since we’ve been home, it’s been even worse.

Motherhood| Pink bomber jacketPrior to Jaelyn’s birth, I took Tay out to shoot her in a dress that was way over due for blog pics. I think I’ll forever cherish these photos, knowing it was the last time we captured our last moment as life before her little sis.

The Perfect Bomber

This week I’m all about this pink blush colored bomber jacket from SheIn. I’ve been looking for the perfect spring lightweight jacket–preferably a bomber, to wear casually around town. What I love about this bomber is that it’s very well made and it is the perfect shade of pink–still a neutral. I managed to squeeze my 39 week pregnant self into a basic SheIn tank dress with both sneakers and blush heels–and yes, I immediately removed the heels after the shoot. As you can see, Tay and I were all about the street style look this week. She sported her black hand made tulle dress from the amazing bumpNbeyond via Etsy with Converse high top sneakers.

So, if you’re a first time mama and thinking about having another little one in the future, let me be the one to tell you that having two little ones, even as far as three years apart, will be adventurous–but of course, not impossible. Just be prepared for things to change a bit, but eventually, for the better in the long run. As for me and baby Jae, we’ll be catching up on our beauty sleep and prepare for our first adventures together!

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes!

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Pink Bomber jacket//SheIn

Tulle Dress//bumpNbeyond

Motherhood| Pink bomber jacketMotherhood| Pink bomber jacketMotherhood| Pink bomber jacketMotherhood| | Kids fashionMotherhood| Pink bomber jacket | Kids fashionMotherhood| Pink bomber jacketMotherhood| Pink bomber jacket

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Pink Bomber jacket//SheIn

Tulle Dress//bumpNbeyond


Spring Must Have: Florals on Denim

Blogger Sasha Agent Spring Florals | Denim Jacket

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Blue Flower Embroidery Single Breasted Denim Jacket

Blogger Sasha Agent Spring Florals | Denim Jacket

Bring on the Color!

As the spring quickly approaches, my wardrobe also seems to be blossoming. I naturally start filtering out the dull colors within my closet, and replace them with more vibrancy. Adding florals to your wardrobe is one of the easiest ways to incorporate color into your life. They seem to just go hand in hand with the spring season,  and when you mix your florals with unconventional looks like denim–you honestly can’t go wrong.

Pops of Florals

With this pregnancy, I know I’ve mentioned in previous posts that my energy is extremely low, so along with that low energy, comes the need for dressing comfortably. Today’s featured piece is a denim jacket with embroidered roses. This jacket is perfect for dressing up or down your outfit of the day. If I had the energy, I’d probably show you all multiple ways to wear this jacket–if I could fit into a cute white maxi sundress with gladiator sandals, I totally would, but I’m kind of limited with spacing at the time. Maybe after the summer (fingers crossed). Today, I wore this jacket casually with a subtle touch of street fashion. The best way for me to get around is in tennis, so I simply paired it with black distressed Blogger Sasha Agent Spring Florals | Denim Jacketdenim and my original Adidas.

Major Deal

You may be shocked to find that this jacket is only $30 bucks from my fave, SheIn! The rose embroidery is what really makes this jacket unique and perfect for the upcoming spring season–which is literally around the corner.  SheIn’s entire spring line up is looking pretty tempting right now, so be sure to check out their daily updates! They constantly update their site with the latest trends and looks of the season!

Enjoy the rest of your beautiful week!

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Blue Flower Embroidery Single Breasted Denim Jacket


Blogger Sasha Agent Spring Florals | Denim JacketBlogger Sasha Agent Spring Florals | Denim JacketBlogger Sasha Agent Spring Florals | Denim JacketBlogger Sasha Agent Floral Denim JacketBlogger Sasha Agent Spring Florals | Denim JacketBlogger Sasha Agent Spring Florals | Denim Jacket

31 Weeks Bumpdate and Color Blocking SheIn Style

Blogger Sasha Agent color blocking

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Color Block Off the Shoulder Top//SheIn

Blogger Sasha Agent color blocking

31 Weeks and Feeling…

Okay my friends, number one, let me just apologize for the lack of posts. I know I’m down to a post a week, but Lord knows the struggle is real right now. This Anemia is kicking my butt–so as of lately, I’ve been prioritizing my rest over the blog and Instagram. Baby, however, seems to be doing just fine! I’ve got around 8 1/2 more weeks to go, which is crazy, because it seems like I just announced that I was even pregnant! I’ve put on about 35 lbs, and my lack of energy is not really helping with the whole gaining weight issue either. I’m averaging about 5-6 lbs per month–and I still have a couple more to go {Sigh}.  In the end, I’m just hoping I’ll have the energy to drop the weight over the summer, because this mama can’t wait to get into old clothes–this in fact, is my true motivation to lose weight.

Color Blocking and Illusions

Speaking of clothes, I’m still trying to rock non-maternity pieces, however, I’m not goingBlogger Sasha Agent color blocking  to lie–I’m definitely having to strategically select my tops to make sure that they’re extra long so they cover my belly. Today’s top is a super chic and glamorous off the shoulder top. Even though it’s a one piece, it gives off the illusion of having a layered crop top look which creates a beautiful color blocking statement. I sized up to a large to compensate for my growing bust (which I’m so over right now)–if that helps for size, ha!

I recently posted a SheIn wishlist for the spring, and I’m so jealous of all of the spring and summery dresses I’m missing out on. Did I mention that I’m so ready to have my body back? Ha! 8 1/2 more weeks!

Hoping to keep the momentum on the blog! But as always, thanks for the support and for stopping by my friends!

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Color Block Off the Shoulder Top//SheIn

Blogger Sasha Agent color blocking Blogger Sasha Agent color blocking Blogger Sasha Agent color blocking Blogger Sasha Agent color blocking Blogger Sasha Agent color blocking Blogger Sasha Agent color blocking Blogger Sasha Agent color blocking

Affordable Spring Must Haves From SheIn

SheIn Spring Wishlist | Sasha Agent| Fashion Blog

Spring? Already?

Well… kind of. You see, Dallas never seems to disappoint when it comes to the weather. This past weekend began in the high 80s! Yep! Middle of winter, and here I am bundled up in a scarf, my Ugg boots, and puff jacket–pregnant and sweating profusely. If you ever consider moving to Texas, just know that checking the weather is an everyday must. SheIn Spring Wishlist | Sasha Agent| Fashion Blog

So with this whole random 80 degree weather thing we’ve got going on, I figured I might as well start gearing up for the spring. My first stop is always SheIn. This online retailer always seems to be on trend, and I never have to overspend. They constantly push out new pieces by releasing new clothing and accessories everyday.

What’s Trending

If you check out my top picks from below, you’ll notice that the off the shoulder, cold shoulder trend is still alive and well! Thank goodness too because this look is super gorgeous and flattering on all body types. I’m also  noticing that ruffles, bell sleeves, and flowy styles are a big trend this year. And to me, this all sounds so refreshing, because there’s just something about winter fashion and pregnancy that don’t seem to be working for me.

Check out my top 10 picks from SheIn–their Spring line up is looking very colorful and bright! Now, let the Spring countdown begin!

Have a wonderful week!

Top 10 Spring SheIn Finds

Teardrop Tassel Earrings

White Split Back Cold Shoulder Ruffle Top

Blue Vertical Striped Tie Sleeve Off The Shoulder Dress

White Sheer Embroidered Lace Shoulder And Sleeve Ruffle Dress

Navy Off The Shoulder Tie-waist Ruffle Hem Maxi Dress

Black Layered Bell Sleeve Off The Shoulder Dress

White Embroidery Detail Babydoll Blouse

Pineapple Flatform Sneakers MULTI

Black Checkerboard Fold Over Cold Shoulder Dress

White Ripped Denim Skinny Jeans


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