Travel: The Road Trip Tee and SheIn

Road Trips Ain’t Easy

Hey everyone! We are officially back from our vacation, and boy are we spent! Traveling (road tripping) and vacationing with a 2 month old and toddler is tough work. And I swear, if it wasn’t for my oldest daughter Sisi, the husband and I would be a hot mess! We decided to head out to Galveston, Texas (the  (more…)

OOTD and Discovering New Gems in Dallas 

Blogger wearing striped sundress with pockets in front of Dallas Cafe

A Dallas Gem

Earlier this week I got the chance to meet another Influencer from the Dallas area. We decided to meet at a hip and gorgeous cafe by the name of Magnolias Sous Le Pont. This was my second time at this location, so I knew it would be the perfect place to meet and take a few blog pics. Upon walking in, I instantly noticed the aroma of amazing coffee. By the way, this is torture for someone who is breastfeeding and could desperately use some caffeine. I went ahead and settled for a refreshing sparkler instead–a special this week, along with an AMAZING almond croissant. It was a pretty mild day in Dallas, so we sat on the gorgeous patio to enjoy the setting. Something interesting was that we witnessed multiple (more…)

OOTD: No Stress with Butterflies and the Butterfly Tee

Blogger wearing Anthropologie flutter top at the Dallas Butterfly Garden

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Sigh… Adult Life

Last week was kind of rough for me you guys. I signed up for a certification test that is now required of all teachers in the district I teach in, and realized that the date I signed up for was this past Friday. “Okay, whatever, I thought… I’ll just do an emergency cram session and get this done.” So I started studying all (more…)

OOTD: This is My Boho Summer Flow

Blogger wearing bohemian shirt with a flow, tassel earrings and distressed denim.

Fashion Correlated to Lifestyle?

Is fashion correlated to your lifestyle? Okay, so probably a bit intense for a fashion blog–but hey, it could possibly make a great research project. Right now, I’m into beautiful clothes that flow. Sometimes I wonder if ones fashion taste is somehow correlated to what is currently going on in their life. Right now, I’m all about going with the flow. Haha… I guess this is probably because I’m on summer break from teaching, and I just had my third child. You would think I’d be a stress ball right now with three children–however,  (more…)