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Holiday Chaos

Casual, Cozy and Chic Midi Dress by PinkblushMy holiday break was a whirlwind… For some reason, my husband and I struggled to get motivated this year. We even whipped out the Christmas decorations two weeks prior to the big day, and gifts done at the very last-minute. On Christmas day, I found myself running around like a crazy person cooking my traditional french toast breakfast, packing for my quick New York turn around trip the next morning, and cooking a Christmas feast.

Nothing Goals

Casual, Cozy and Chic Midi Dress by PinkblushWhen I arrived back to my family three days later, my goal was to do absolutely NOTHING. No cooking, no cleaning… nada! Did I succeed? Of course not! I don’t think the concept is realistic in mom world, however, any mama can appreciate today’s three c’s… Casual, Cozy, and Chic.

This Dress is Everything…

Casual, Cozy and Chic Midi Dress by PinkblushToday’s black midi dress (more colors here), is another Pinkblush find. Like stated in my last blog post, Pinkblush is a company that started off as a maternity boutique, and is known for their chic maternity clothes, however, Pinkblush maternity is now offering the latest trends for all women! Not only are their looks chic, but they’re also made beautifully and with comfort in mind for us busy women. The best part of all, these clothes are affordable. For my mamas who are pregnant or in that transition period, Pinkblush’s trendy maternity clothes, and even their women’s line will suit you perfectly.

My Three C’s Mom Test

So I’ve got my blogging clothes, but my functional mommy winter clothes must pass my Three C’s Mom Test. I must be able to rock the casual look for those moments when I may need to run or chase my toddler… Ha! I have to be cozy… since it’s winter, I want to be comfortable and warm. And finally, this is a must, I must be chic and styled.


This midi dress, (also available as a cute maternity dress and in other colors) is perfect for casual home living. This past Saturday, I spent the morning barefoot and feeling beautiful as I enjoyed my family.

Did I mention it has pockets?!!! Love dresses with pockets!


Next stop… dance practice, so time to get in my dance mom gear. Of course I couldn’t  actually spend the day doing nothing because this busy mom has two busy kids. On the way to my daughter’s hip hop dance practice, we stopped for a quick photo shoot so I could show off just how cozy this midi dress could be.


By now I’m sure you all know I love to look chic and styled, even if I’m just going out to run errands. Even though this dress is super casual, it’s still a dress, and all dresses can be fabulous all on their own.

Pinkblush offers 15% off for all new customers, so enjoy!