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Anxiously Waiting: A New April the Giraffe and April Showers

A New April the Giraffe | Blogger Sasha Agent

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A New April the Giraffe | Blogger Sasha AgentThe New April

A friend of mine keeps checking in asking if we have a new baby yet. She made me crack up when she mentioned that I was like the new April the giraffe–ha, which is exactly how I feel!

As of today, I am officially 39 weeks! As of last Wednesday, I’ve had three rounds of false labor (not fun), and the energy of a slug. This is the first time I’ve actually made it to full term (39 weeks), so it’s kind of strange knowing that I will most likely walk into the hospital tomorrow for a scheduled appointment to have a baby! And although that was always the plan, for all of my girls, early labor always seemed to beat my due date to the punch.

The Crazy Homestretch

This entire last month of pregnancy has been a bit crazy. Contractions pretty much started A New April the Giraffe | Blogger Sasha Agentaround 34 weeks triggered by any type of normal walking during my day-to-day routines. For the entire month of April, I’ve been on edge thinking, “Any day now!” Of course now that I expected to go early, I ended up hanging on until the very end.
My goal this month was to make it to my baby shower and Easter. I especially wanted to give my girls one last calm Easter before the true chaos begins. I’m anxious to meet my new baby girl, but also embracing each remaining day as a family of four. Thankfully, I made it past both occasions. My beautiful mom and beautiful friends threw me an over the top baby shower.A New April the Giraffe | Blogger Sasha Agent Here I was thinking I’d have a little sprinkle, and instead I was surprised with a chic and glammed up party. It was fantastic, and can’t believe all of the support and love I have from family and friends.

What I Wore

For my shower and Easter, I wore a nude embellished maternity dress from the ASOSmaternity lines. I fell in love with a nude and jeweled up number at first sight. In fact, I’m wanting to even keep it for after the baby, but I’m pretty sure I won’t have the bust to fill it out–ha!
Timing was also on my side with the launch of Target’s Sugarfix by BaubleBar launch. BaubleBar is one of my favorite online accessory brands–they’re always up to date on the latest trends. Rather than having to go to a busy mall or spend extra money online, you can literally make a run for your normal Target goods… toilet paper, lotion, and stunning high-end earrings! With my low energy right now, one stop shopping is a must!

Well, wish me luck friends! The next post I have planned will be all about the newest member of the Marrier family!  I can’t wait to meet her!


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A New April the Giraffe | Blogger Sasha AgentA New April the Giraffe | Blogger Sasha AgentA New April the Giraffe | Blogger Sasha AgentA New April the Giraffe | Blogger Sasha Agent

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The Homestretch: Meet Ingrid and Isabel Maternity

Blogger Sasha Agent | Maternity Clothing

The Homestretch

At last! I’m approaching the last stretch of my pregnancy, but I must admit this last trimester is testing my fashion game. At this point I really couldn’t care less about what I wear. I prefer leggings Blogger Sasha Agent | Maternity Clothingand t-shirts to anything else right now. However, an online maternity store by the name of Ingrid and Isabel recently reached out and introduced me to their irresistible and chic line for pregnant women and moms going through the postpartum stage.  When I pulled up their website and saw how chic and gorgeous everything was, I had to try out their looks!

Three Beautiful Maternity Looks

So, I tried out 3 different looks… My first look was a bohemian white off the shoulder midi dress. Also available in pink, black and blue, this dress is super comfortable, lightweight, and made with quality. My next piece is another off the shoulder get up, but it’s a top. This top’s  beautiful embroidered details and light fabric makes dressing up or dressing down any OOTD super easy. Finally, for a more formal look–like my baby shower coming up, I’m wearing a pink lace boatneck Blogger Sasha Agent | Maternity Clothingdress  (super stretchy and surprisingly very comfortable). Take a look at the Ingrid and Isabel website; I promise you’ll be tempted to load up your online shopping cart with beautifully made clothing.

More Than Maternity Clothes

My favorite thing about this line I that they make their pieces for your pregnancy, but also for the postpartum months. This makes me feel so much better about spending money on maternity clothes–which I hate because it’s such a  temporary time period. However, with these looks, I can continue to wear my clothes even after my pregnancy, and at the same time, I’ll still be fabulous and on trend!

Check out Ingrid and Isabel for yourself for their modern and chic apparel for expecting mamas! Also, check them out on their social channels–






Blogger Sasha Agent | Maternity ClothingBlogger Sasha Agent | Maternity ClothingBlogger Sasha Agent | Maternity ClothingBlogger Sasha Agent | Maternity ClothingBlogger Sasha Agent | Maternity ClothingBlogger Sasha Agent | Maternity Clothing

Bumpdate and Turning Simple to Chic with Pink Blush

Blogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dress

Today’s Look

Long Sleeve Side Ruched Maternity Dress

Long Sleeve Side Ruched Dress

Blogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dressPregnancy Style and Bump-Date

This mama is feeling a lot better. With both of my pregnancies, my nausea, food aversions and low energy was long gone by the second trimester. However, with this pregnancy, I haven’t been so lucky. Even over the Christmas break, I was dealing with morning sickness, food aversions, super low energy, headaches and a horrible toothache! Recently, my energy seems to be creeping back up, I’m not being super picky on what to eat, nausea may only come in waves a couple of times a week, and I finally fixed my tooth problem which has also helped reduce the headaches. Finally, things are looking promising!

Not Trading in the Chic

So I’m pretty much feeling like a seasoned vet when it comes to this whole pregnancy thing. However, this time around, especially now that I’m blogging, I’m learning that styleBlogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dress doesn’t have to be compromised. With that being said, you would think comfort would then have to be sacrificed, but that’s not the case either.

Like I explained before on my last maternity post, I am obsessed with Pink Blush and love how they incorporate the current chic trends for women, yet still take comfort into account. Today’s Pink Blush find is a chic olive dress (see the non-maternity version here) with a ruched/gathered side to either dress up your bump, or just add a little bit of pizzazz. This dress comes in multiple colors for multiple seasons, and best of all, it’s soooooo comfortable, soft and stretchy. This dress looks amazing alone or layered with an accent piece.

How I Wore It

Take a look at my looks below for inspiration. I’ve paired this chic look with an oversized faux style vest, over the knee boots (my defaults this season) and dramatic chandelier earrings. This dress is also just as stunning by itself! Remember… Pink Blush is not only all about the pregnant mamas, they’re really just about making women feel beautiful. They’ve got something for everyone, so check them out! I will also be hosting a Pink Blush $75 gift card giveaway today around noon, so be on standby via Instagram for the launch of that contest (@snafierce)!

Happy Friday!


Blogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dressBlogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dressBlogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dressBlogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dressBlogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dressBlogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dress

The Graphic Tee: Wear What You Feel with Thread Tank

Not Your Average Graphic Tee

We all know that wearing what you feel is all the rage. Yes, graphic tees are super popular, but I’ve started to notice that it’s hard to make a statement that is original and not redundant. We’ve all seen the, “But first, coffee” or “Fry Day” tees, but these sayings can be a bit overdone, so it’s nice to finally find a company that specializes in original quotes and sayings.

Meet Thread Tank

I recently came across a company by the name of Thread Tank, “The Stories You Can Wear.” This company recently reached out and introduced me to theirBlogger Sasha Agent wearing graphic tee amazing line of graphic tees for both women and men. I was immediately sold by their catchy and clever sayings as soon as I began scrolling their site. I personally fell in love with
everything mom related, mainly because I’m currently carrying around my twenty-four hour mom cargo (baby bump) ha! I selected their adorable “Mama Bear” and “Papa Bear” tees for my husband and I. I thought this would allow for really cute maternity pics. I also chose their “Mom Game Strong” tee. This shirt just spoke to me because I highly respect the moms out there who are constantly multitasking, wearing many hats, and living their dreamsBlogger Sasha Agent wearing graphic tee–all while balancing mom life. These women are my inspiration.

Giveaway Time!

Check out today’s pictures as well as the Thread Tank website or Instagram profile for inspiration. These tees would make a great Christmas gift for yourself, or even a loved one. Be sure to follow me today on my Instagram account… I’ll be hosting a giveaway where three lucky winners will be chosen to select a tee of their choice! That’s right, not one, but THREE lucky winners!

Enjoy the rest of your week friends, and don’t forget to wear what you feel!


Graphic Tees c/o Thread Tank


Instagram @threadtank_apparel

Twitter @threadtank

Facebook @threadtank

Blogger Sasha Agent wearing graphic teeBlogger Sasha Agent wearing graphic teeBlogger Sasha Agent wearing graphic teeBlogger Sasha Agent wearing graphic tee

In Desperate Need of a Color Fix

Color Fix Sasha Agent

Blah, Blah, Meh

For some reason, every winter my wardrobe turns to blah–desperately lacking color! It’s even evident on my Instagram feed. Other than my pop of reds from Christmas, you can sort of see the color fade away for the winter.

Saying NO to Segregation

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wardrobe choices, but it’s like the color gets sucked right out of my closet! And yes, it does have a lot to do with the fact that companies tend to focus on the neutrals for the winter, and release their ‘colored’ clothes in the spring and summer. But hey… let’s not segregate our seasons here! And who’s to say colors have to be muted in the winter? Well, I’m ready for a change… I need a pop of color in my life, or at least on my Instagram feed. Ha!

My Color Fix

Color Fix Sasha AgentToday’s dress was another PinkBlush find! Hey, I know this is my second PinkBlush post this week, but they have killer deals, and I wanted to share my looks before it was too late! Like stated in my last blog post, PinkBlush is a company that started off as a maternity boutique, and is known for their chic maternity clothes, however, PinkBlush maternity is now offering the latest trends for all women! Not only are their looks chic, but they’re also made beautifully and with comfort in mind for us busy women. The best part of all, these clothes are affordable. For my mamas who are pregnant or in that transition period, PinkBlush’s trendy maternity clothes, and even their women’s line, will suit you perfectly.Today’s gorgeous floral draped maxi dress, (here it is as a cute maternity dress) was the perfect pop of color I needed to give me my color fix!

PinkBlush also offers 15% off for all new customers, so enjoy! Click here and here for more of my PinkBlush finds!


Color Fix Sasha AgentColor Fix Sasha AgentColor Fix Sasha Agent
Color Fix Sasha AgentColor Fix Sasha AgentColor Fix Sasha Agent
PinkBlush Sasha AgentToday I’ll be hosting a PinkBlush $75 gift card giveaway on my Instagram account, so be sure to stay tuned!

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