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Leggings that will Jumpstart any Workout

Sasha Agent wearing Free People Turn Out Leggings, pink sports bra and Nikes

Reality Check

Two weeks ago, I blogged about my summer cardio workout routine. Well, talk about an epic fail–I kind of forgot about the whole, “You should ease into a new workout,”kind of reality. You see, I attempted to go back to doing my own post pregnancy workout routine and realized that after taking about a year off from consistent exercise, one should (key word) ‘gradually’ increase cardio activity. I also forgot that I’m not 20 anymore… Sigh.

Leggings that Motivate

After realizing this, I’m not gonna lie, I became a bit discouraged. I thought of every excuse toSasha Agent wearing Free People Turn Out Leggings. pink sports bra and Nikes avoid working out–I even thought of calling it quits all together. That is until I found the leggings that give life! While cruising the Free People website, I stumbled upon their incredible fitness line and spotted these gorgeous wrap up/turn out leggings. Well, I actually forgot I owned these, and even DIY’ed a pair back in the day before purchasing the real deal. After pairing these beauties with my pink North Face sports bra and new Nikes from Kohl’s… I had me an awesome ‘Fitness Outfit of the Day,’ as well as new motivation! Besides, how else was I going to show off this awesome look?!

Sasha Agent wearing Free People Turn Out Leggings and NikesIf you’re wanting to modify my post pregnancy cardio routine from my last Work it out Wednesday post, simply swap out your running for a brisk walk, and replace your sprint with a power walk. I would recommend this modified version for at least two weeks before testing out the original version of this routine. Let me know how it goes, and feel free to comment after trying it out!

You can shop my look by scrolling the bottom of this post!

Good Luck!


Sasha Agent wearing Free People Turn Out Leggings and pink sports braSasha Agent wearing Free People Turn Out Leggings, pink sports bra, and NikesSasha Agent wearing Free People Turn Out Leggings and Nikes

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How to Wear a Jumper: One & Done

Free People Jumper| Sasha Agent

The Jumper: One & Done!

I’m all about that, “one and done” life! Ha! Picking out clothes can be quite the adventure–especially if you’re unsure when pairing pieces together. I love my “one and done” clothes (meaning my dresses and jumpers) not only because they look fabulous on, but mainly because there’s no need to pair them with anything other than shoes! I don’t know about you, but I already have my hands full with getting my entire family dressed. My not so favorite statement to hear in the morning is, “What should I wear?” So honestly, when my outfit of the day is a no brainer, it reduces the stress levels a bit.

Free People Jumpsuit | Sasha AgentJumpsuited

I’ve always been a fan of the jumper–I don’t know what it is about them, but you just don’t see many people wearing one pieces–which is a win for me because I love being unique. I found this amazing jumper on Free People’s site, a store dedicated to the free-spirited and fabulous! I was immediately drawn to this jumper’s beautiful peach color (more colors available here and here), pleats, open back, front opening, and of course, POCKETS! When I find a unique piece like this, I really just can’t turn away.

How Many Ways?

You guys know me, I love finding multiple ways to wear my clothes. This is mainly because I want to show my followers how you can easily create new looks using the same pieces–it’s also a great way to stretch the budget. First, I started with a nice summer evening look by simply layering with a denim jacket. Next, I go boho chic by simply adding a bohemian statement necklace. This jumper is also perfect for that summer vacation you’ve been planning–this look can easily pair with all kinds of summery staples like espadrilles and hats. Finally, something a bit unexpected–business casual. Layer a neutral and light blazer with another statement piece (this one by Lovell Lou) to dress things up a bit, maybe for a lovely day date with the hubs, or brunch with the ladies.

See my pictures and video blog below to see how I styled this amazing jumper. Also be sure to shop this post using my direct links below!

Happy Monday friends!


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How to Wear a Jumper: One & Done Sasha AgentCutout Jumpsuit//Free People  ~ ~  Also see in black//NordstromHow to Wear a Jumper: One & Done Sasha AgentDenim Jacket here and here//J. CrewHow to Wear a Jumper: One & Done Sasha AgentWoven clutch (vintage)//See similar here and here.How to Wear a Jumper: One & Done Sasha AgentBohemian necklace// See similar here on Etsy.How to Wear a Jumper: One & Done Sasha AgentCaged heels//Go Jane  ~ ~  Also see similar here.How to Wear a Jumper: One & Done Sasha AgentStraw hat (vintage)//See similar here and here.  Basket suitcase (vintage)//See similar here on Etsy.How to Wear a Jumper: One & Done Sasha AgentEspadrilles//Forever 21 ~ ~ Also see similar here, here, here, and here.How to Wear a Jumper: One & Done Sasha AgentStatement necklace “Pandora” by Lovell Lou  ~ ~  Tan blazer (Ann Taylor old)//Ann TaylorHow to Wear a Jumper: One & Done Sasha AgentAviators//Coach ~ ~ Speed 35 Louis Voutton bag//See pre-owned bags here, here, and here.How to Wear a Jumper: One & Done Sasha AgentThanks for stopping by!

Boots Were Made for Struttin’

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These Boots by Sasha AgentThe Shoe Condition

Boots, booties, botas (Spanish for boots)–regardless of whatever you want to call them, I’m OBSESSED. If you monitor my footwear on my blog, I don’t really own that many heels. I love heels, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard for me to invest in them due a medical condition I have that may gross you out. Now, you’re probably like, what in the world is she talking about? Okay, well if you absolutely need to know, I’ve got a condition known as, hyperhidrosis, meaning my hands, and yes, feet… sweat. I know… it’s gross. This unfortunately makes it difficult for me to really invest in heels. I can wear em’ just fine, but after many wears, I end up destroying them.

An Obsession for Boots

These Boots by Sasha AgentBut boots… Boots, on the other hand, I can do! Because I can wear socks, I’m a bit more protected, meaning my hyperhidrosis doesn’t affect them as bad.

My First but not my Last

It all started when I randomly stumbled upon a beautiful pair of over the knee Frye riding boots on a style blog all the way back in 2010! And ughhhh! I could kick myself for not starting this blog back then. Sorry, random thought. These were the first investment boots I bought! These beauties were super expensive, for me at least, but I couldn’t find anything else like them–which meant, I HAD to buy! So, I went ahead and purchased them–on a credit card of course! From that point on, I was hooked. My next purchase was a vintage Frye 1970s pair found on EBay, and the rest was history.

Below you will find all of my favorite obsessions! As you can see, I love all styles!

Be sure to see today’s video blog!

Happy struttin’! Have a beautiful week, and maybe consider a little early Valentine’s Day gift for your feet! Ha!


These Boots by Sasha AgentFrye Over the Knee Riding//Click here.These Boots by Sasha AgentSam Edelman Fringe Leather//Click here.
These Boots by Sasha AgentVintage Frye//EtsyThese Boots by Sasha AgentBed Stu Black Distressed//Click here.These Boots by Sasha AgentBreckelle’s Suede Fringe//Click here.
These Boots by Sasha AgentFreebird Free People (old)//See similar here (also by Freebird).These Boots by Sasha AgentFaryl Robin Free People Exclusives (old)//See similar here (also by Faryl Robin).
These Boots by Sasha AgentJeffrey Campbell Free People Exclusives (old)//See similar here.

Evolving Bohemian: Cozy-Glam

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 The Evolving Bohemian: Cozy-Glam Sasha AgentLet the Evolution Begin

Since I’ve started blogging, I found that my style is evolving. I think I have always had an eye for styling, but recently I find myself pushing to take more fashion risks.

The Not So Free

Today’s look was inspired by Free People. I absolutely love the Free People look, however, lately I find myself restricted to window shopping on their website. You guys know I’m all about that affordable fashion. Lately, I’ve noticed Free People increasing their prices every year, and to be honest, I’m finding similar and even identical clothes on different sites for way less! Unfortunately, this evolving bohemian gal is having to get the latest boho gear through different avenues. Sorry Free People, maybe I’ll catch ya on a sale.

I’m Evolving Y’all!
The Evolving Bohemian: Cozy-Glam Sasha Agent

Today’s sweater is another Elle Lain find. This Aztec fringe sweater was an immediate must have. I’m a huge Elle Lain supporter because I know I can always find one of a kind pieces–and this cozy sweater is definitely unique! It’s a one size fits all–so it’s a win for everyone!

Check out my pictures below… I was definitely channeling my Free People model look, just minus the Free People. Ha! Also check out this week’s YouTube video for two more cozy looks wearing this sweater. I’ll finish off this post Wednesday, where I’ll take this look and create two more subtle looks for you–so don’t forget to check back in!

Happy Monday! And have an awesome week!


 The Evolving Bohemian: Cozy-Glam Sasha Agent Elle Lain Aztec Fringe Sweater (One size fits all)//Click here.The Evolving Bohemian: Cozy-Glam Sasha AgentFrye Company Over the Knee Riding Boots//Click here or here for a sweet deal!The Evolving Bohemian: Cozy-Glam Sasha Agent  Grey Skinny Scarf//Click here.  Black Choker//Click here.The Evolving Bohemian: Cozy-Glam Sasha AgentSuede Fringe Tote//Click here or here for an even better deal.The Evolving Bohemian: Cozy-Glam Sasha Agent Lee Denim Cut Offs//Thrift Store (DIY), click here for a similar look.