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A Summer Siesta and Fall Gingham

Blogger wearing gingham off the shoulder top, skinny jeans, and pink heels.

Transitioning with Fall Gingham

Hey there my fellow fashionistas! It has been a while right? As the 2017-2018 (whoa that sounds weird) school year approaches, this mama was in severe need of a siesta! Although I’ve been pretty active on the Gram (Instagram that is) I decided to actually stop blogging for quick second and enjoy the rest of my summer with my family–distraction free. With blogging, there’s so much to do, and the social media side of it can be even (more…)

Ten Reasons to Love Who What Wear

Blogger Sasha Agent wearing Who What Wear Peasant TopBlogger Sasha Agent wearing Who What Wear neck scarf

A Little Obsessed

If you follow my blog even slightly, you probably guessed that I’m sort of obsessed with the Who What Wear collection sold through Target. In fact, one of my favorite online fashion magazines to follow is Who What Wear. They actually started off as a blog, and gradually began branching out to beauty, home decor, and by even starting their own fashion line which is currently being sold through Target. The Who What Wear site posts daily, helping everyday people like me and you be inspired by trending fashion from the runway, or from our favorite celebrities. Oh, and by the way… My photo at the top left was featured on Who What Wear’s Instagram page–super flattered over here!

Blogger Sasha Agent wearing Who What Wear peasant topA Partnership From Heaven

When I found out Who What Wear was launching a line at Target–I about lost it! Mainly because I knew they wouldn’t fail when it came to nailing the latest trends, all while creating quality pieces. I also figured a partnership with Target meant–affordability, which is super important to me as a working mom/blogger.

Oops… I already gave away a few of my reasons… Ok, so here are my top 10 reasons why you should also love Who What Wear!

Ten Reasons to Love Who What Wear at Target

img_62611. On Trend//Because it is the job of Who What Wear to stay current with the latest fashion trends on their site, it’s pretty much a given that their pieces will be on trend as well.

2. Quality//Everything created by this line is made with great quality. I’ve never been disappointed by any of my pieces. Their bags, accessories and clothing will last you a lifetime.

3. Affordable//Usually something made with quality means it’s going to be pretty pricey. Not in this case… This line caters to everyday women like myself making pieces that won’t break the bank, and will even leave wiggle room for shoes and accessories.

Blogger Sasha Agent wearing Who What Wear bomber jacket

4. Convenient//It’s totally normal to pick up this evening’s dinner, toothpaste, and baby wipes–in addition to your next brilliant and show stopping OOTD right? Ha! Well, for me this is normal. I stop at Target at least once a week–and every time, I check to see what’s the latest and greatest by Who What Wear. Every now and then my local Target doesn’t have an item that I had my eye on, so I simply purchase it online–another convenient way to shop.
Blogger Sasha Agent wearing Who What Wear wrap blouse

5. Made for Every Woman//This line caters to all sizes–anywhere from extra small to plus sizes. This collection is definitely aware of the reality that women come in all shapes and sizes!

6. Work Friendly//I find that I can wear my Who What Wear pieces both out on the town, and especially to work. Their pieces are super adaptable to the professional setting.

7. Classics and Basics//Something interesting I’ve noticed… Who What Wear is for sure current when it comes to the latest trends, but I’ve also noticed that they aren’t so trendy toBlogger Sasha Agent wearing Who What Wear Gingham skirt the point where you can’t wear the pieces season to season. This company is sure to stick to the essentials and basics–therefore creating timeless pieces.

8. Consistent//With some brands, I have to be carefully with the consistency of sizing due to multiple brands being sold under one store. With Who What Wear, I am one consistent size, meaning I don’t have to try anything on! This is great for the moms with the screaming toddlers at Target. Ha!

9. Mom Friendly//Never have I had a problem with getting around mom style in my Who WhatBlogger Sasha Agent wearing Who What Wear Peplum blouse Wear gear. Their pieces are comfy, even for busy moms like myself, yet, they are also very chic.

10. Versatile//Finally… Dress these pieces up–glam style, or down–street chic style. They are all so fun to play with, and offer so much versatility.

So there you have it! As you can see, I have a slight obsession–however, I can at least justify the reasons why I love this line so much! Scroll to the bottom of this post to shop my featured looks, plus more of my Who What Wear faves!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Wishing you all a wonderful week!


Blogger Sasha Agent wearing Who What Wear peasant topBlogger Sasha Agent wearing Who What Wear Peasant TopBlogger Sasha Agent wearing Who What Wear Peasant top

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Off the Shoulder Trend ‘Fall Style’ Featuring Zaful

Off the shoulder top for the Fall with scarf|Blogger Sasha Agent

Keep Those Shoulders Cool

The whole, off the shoulder/cold shoulder trend, has been going strong for quite a few seasons now–but don’t warm up those shoulders just yet… I’ve got a fall update! I’ve been checking out the fall trends, and have determined that the off the shoulder look isn’t going anywhere! And thank goodness for that because I would hate to trap these beauties in my closet for too long! Today, I’m going to give you a few tips on how to “fall up” an off the shoulder top.

Today’s off the shoulder top from one of my favorite affordable chic online stores, Zaful, was less than 12 dollars! This beauty is perfectly cropped, so it pairs well with high-waisted bottoms. One common complaint about the off the shoulder top–they always have to be adjusted. Not with this one! Because of the way the arms are attached, this top doesn’t ride up your arms like most blouses.

Off the shoulder top for the Fall with scarf|Blogger Sasha AgentTips and Tricks for the Off the Shoulder, Fall Style

For the fall, feel free to rock an off the shoulder top with your favorite pair of jeans. This is a great way to tone down the summer vibes! Next, try pairing this look with a simple and chic scarf to add a bold statement to your neck area–this also gives a more covered look. Finally, I paired this top with a denim high-waisted pencil skirt. The longer length of the pencil skirt, again–gives off more of a covered look. making it fit perfectly into the fall.


If you keep up with my blog, you’ll probably remember my previous blogs on Zaful… (See here and here for a boho and glamorous tomboy look). Like I mentioned before, Zaful is one of my favorite online retailers, and I’ve never been left disappointed. In case you missed my last post, Zaful sells on trend clothes at crazy affordable prices. While shopping on Zaful’s website, you’ll notice that it’s easy to navigate with everything clearly categorized. Their sizing guide is also super easy to use–I’ve never had any sizing issues. Whenever I order from them, they package everything with great care and offer many options as far as expedited shipping.

See below for just a few ways to wear this look for the fall!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



Off the shoulder top for the Fall|Blogger Sasha AgentOff the shoulder top for the Fall with scarf|Blogger Sasha AgentOff the shoulder top for the Fall with scarf|Blogger Sasha Agent

Click here For today’s Zaful #OOTD!

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