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Three Ways to Wear the Floral Maxi


Redbook Style Awards

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Floral Maxi by Sasha Agent

The Floral Maxi

Good morning my friends! It’s a brand new week, meaning I’ve got a brand new look for you! The floral maxi dress… It has been around for the longest. This is a staple dress that is perfect for the Spring, Summer, and even the Fall.

Never Can Say Goodbye

Today’s inspired look came from my new boots. You all know I LOVE my boots! Is it that obvious? Ha! I’ve actually had my eye on these Topshop sock boots from Nordstrom for a few months now, and finally snatched them up. At first I thought I would invest in heels for the Spring, however, I realized that these ankle boots could very much so roll over to warmer weather. When I found this beautifully made dress by Forever 21; I knew these gorgeous boots would pair nicely.

Dress it Up and Down

For a more dressed up look, I took fringe nude heels and a simple tie up necklace to give this dress a subtle Spanish flare… This look would be perfect for date nights, lunch with the ladies, or even a Spring wedding.

To tone it down a bit, I layered this dress with a denim jacket by J. Crew (use coupon code SCORE for 30% off!), a basket tote, and beautiful espadrilles from Forever 21.

Shop this look below for direct links to all of my finds! Happy Monday!


Floral Maxi by Sasha AgentIn love with these gorgeous leather boots by Topshop Nordstrom.Floral Maxi by Sasha AgentNo faux here… Love this suede bag!Floral Maxi by Sasha AgentThe floral maxi… enough said.Floral Maxi by Sasha AgentStatement rings… <3 <3 <3Floral Maxi by Sasha AgentSimple tie necklaceFloral Maxi by Sasha AgentFringe heels (old). See similar here, here, here, and here.Floral Maxi by Sasha AgentFloral Maxi by Sasha AgentDenim jacket by J. Crew (Use SCORE for 30% off)Floral Maxi by Sasha AgentEspadrilles for 20 bucks! <3 Floral Maxi by Sasha AgentBasket tote… See similar here.

Crochet Me From Head to Toe

Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha Agent

Hippie Fever

I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I’ve recently been channeling my inner flower child. Lately, I’m all about the 1970s feels and vibes. I’m not sure if it’s just the cycle of trends going on right now, my obsession with my favorite mama blogger, Stately Velvet, or if it’s just my inner hippie trying to escape. Whatever it is, it seems that everything I’ve been featuring has had some sort of extra “flare” to it, a pussy bow, or a touch of bohemian fringe.

Crochet Me Please!

Today, I’m rockin’ the tablecloth look–covered in crochet from head to toe! This amazing crochet maxi dress by ZARA was a must have addition to my new hippie style. Now, I hate to blog about something I can’t link, but ZARA sold out of this dress super fast! However, not to worry, I’ve given you a lookalike option below.

What’s on My Head and Toes?

Last week, I featured some of my favorite boots wearing thisCrochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha Agent lovely dress, you can also see the video blog here. I dressed this look up by adding my favorite Native American fringe earrings (see similar here) from a local boutique in Denton, TX known as, Sleeping Lizards. These beauties were actually a gift from a sweet friend and coworker of mine. My friend had a pair for herself, and anytime I saw her wearing them, I would follow her by drooling in our school hallways. But can you blame me? They’re gorgeous right? They truly make this dress pop!

Over the spring break I plan on paying my sweet friend a visit–and she’s promised to take me on a tour of her favorite rustic/bohemian boutiques–she has AMAZING style! You know I’ll blog all about it!

Hope you all have an amazing week! Stay tuned for more 70s inspired looks!


Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentCheck out the amazing details on this dress by ZARA//Get a similar look here!
Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentOver the Knee Boots by Jeffrey Campbell and Free People//Click here for a similar pair.  Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentAlso featured last week… Sam Edelman Taylan Fringe Boots//Click here for this killer deal!
Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentCrochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentSuede Crossbody/Messenger Bag by Forever 21//Click here.
Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentCrochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentNative American inspired fringe earrings from Sleeping Lizards//Check out these amazing online finds here, here, here, and here!
Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentCrochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentUntil we meet again! XOXO

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Would you be my Casual Valentine

Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineSo Casual and Romantic…

Valentine’s day this year lands on a Sunday, meaning a school night… So what right? Well, you definitely won’t find this mama on a romantic date with the hubs. You’ll most likely spot me folding clothes, bathing children, cooking dinner, and working on my Monday blog post. Ha! So romantic right?

Now it’s not that I don’t want to spend a romantic evening with my amazing husband. It’s just not a good idea because on Monday morning we’ll be dealing with a grumpy toddler, an over dramatic 4th grader, and classrooms full of middle school students.

Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineSo What Now?

Well, I guess we have no choice but to have a casual, yet romantic Valentine’s Day day date! The first look that I show you below will be the one I wear for my romantic lunch. I thought my PPLA floral dress (with pockets) gifted from the amazing Bella’s Passion in Downtown Carrollton, would be perfect for a casual, yet still romantic brunch. I layered this look with a pink blazer from Top Shop, but no worries, I found you something similar here. I also paired this outfit with my favorite Jeffrey Campbell mustard Mary Janes–and check out his updated versions here.
Sasha Agent Be my Casual Valentine

DJ Sasha in the House!

Now you guys know I’ve gotta show you more ways to mix and match–that’s because I’m clearly the DJ of style! Hehe… Mixing and matching is so fun because it allows me to reinvent new styles-which in the end, makes me feel like I have more clothes! So that’s always a win! With this amazing PPLA floral dress, you can’t go wrong with a casual dress up, or a casual dress down.

Hope you are enjoying your hump day! Good luck with your Valentine’s Day style, and please feel free to share by tagging me on Instagram!


Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineBlazer (old) Top Shop//See similar here.
Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineFringe Suede Clutch (Forever 21)//See similar here.  Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineJeffrey Campbell Platforms (old)//See similar here (also Jeffrey Campbell).
Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineWool Mock Neck Sweater (old) Zara//See similar here.  Frye Over the Knee Boots//Click here.
Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineFloral Sandals (old) Target//See similar here.Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineMixed Bangles by Emlishops//Click here.   Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineDenim jacket//click here.
Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineCardigan (old Target//See similar here.  Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineFringe Boots//Click here.
Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineSasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineVintage Coach Crossbody//See similar here.
Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineFringe Cardigan (old) Forever 21//See similar here.  Sasha Agent Be my Casual ValentineBrown over the knee boots//See similar here.

Boots Were Made for Struttin’

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These Boots by Sasha AgentThe Shoe Condition

Boots, booties, botas (Spanish for boots)–regardless of whatever you want to call them, I’m OBSESSED. If you monitor my footwear on my blog, I don’t really own that many heels. I love heels, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard for me to invest in them due a medical condition I have that may gross you out. Now, you’re probably like, what in the world is she talking about? Okay, well if you absolutely need to know, I’ve got a condition known as, hyperhidrosis, meaning my hands, and yes, feet… sweat. I know… it’s gross. This unfortunately makes it difficult for me to really invest in heels. I can wear em’ just fine, but after many wears, I end up destroying them.

An Obsession for Boots

These Boots by Sasha AgentBut boots… Boots, on the other hand, I can do! Because I can wear socks, I’m a bit more protected, meaning my hyperhidrosis doesn’t affect them as bad.

My First but not my Last

It all started when I randomly stumbled upon a beautiful pair of over the knee Frye riding boots on a style blog all the way back in 2010! And ughhhh! I could kick myself for not starting this blog back then. Sorry, random thought. These were the first investment boots I bought! These beauties were super expensive, for me at least, but I couldn’t find anything else like them–which meant, I HAD to buy! So, I went ahead and purchased them–on a credit card of course! From that point on, I was hooked. My next purchase was a vintage Frye 1970s pair found on EBay, and the rest was history.

Below you will find all of my favorite obsessions! As you can see, I love all styles!

Be sure to see today’s video blog!

Happy struttin’! Have a beautiful week, and maybe consider a little early Valentine’s Day gift for your feet! Ha!


These Boots by Sasha AgentFrye Over the Knee Riding//Click here.These Boots by Sasha AgentSam Edelman Fringe Leather//Click here.
These Boots by Sasha AgentVintage Frye//EtsyThese Boots by Sasha AgentBed Stu Black Distressed//Click here.These Boots by Sasha AgentBreckelle’s Suede Fringe//Click here.
These Boots by Sasha AgentFreebird Free People (old)//See similar here (also by Freebird).These Boots by Sasha AgentFaryl Robin Free People Exclusives (old)//See similar here (also by Faryl Robin).
These Boots by Sasha AgentJeffrey Campbell Free People Exclusives (old)//See similar here.

The Chambray Vibes and Moods

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The Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha AgentCham What?

The chambray button up top should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe–male or female. One might not even know what chambray means–and don’t feel silly if you don’t. For the longest, I’ve been calling them denim button ups. Chambray, often confused with denim, has a denim look, however it has a softer texture, and more of a linen feel–making it extremely comfortable.

Chambray Vibes

I own four different chambray button ups, and I’ve recently added one more to my The Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha Agentwardrobe. Now one may ask, why do you need so many? Well, just like jeans, I feel like I need a variety of these tops to give off certain vibes… For example, light denim may give off more of a relaxed and laid back look; while a darker denim may be a bit more dressy and serious. Different shades of blue, I feel, give off certain moods.

Today’s Chambray

Today’s chambray top is by PPLA, and is from a gorgeous boutique called, Bella’s Passion in Downtown Carrollton, TX. The gorgeous black fringe booties by Pierre Dumas are also a Bella’s Passion find. This top has a tie dye effect, mixed with holes that definitely give off an edgier look. See my pictures below and today’s YouTube video to see how this look can be mixed and matched.


The Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha AgentPPLA Chambray Button Up and Black Leggings//Click hereThe Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha Agent Pierre Dumas Fringe Booties//Click hereThe Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha AgentSuede fringe clutch//Click here for a similar look.  The Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha AgentBed Stu Cambridge Boots//Click hereThe Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha AgentPatchwork Rock Star Jeans by Old Navy//Click here  The Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha AgentLace Up Heels//Click hereThe Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha AgentHigh Waisted Distressed Black Denim/Click hereThe Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha AgentLeather Black Mini Skirt (Vintage)//See similar hereThe Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha Agent The Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha AgentBlack Leather Jacket//See similar here or hereThe Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha Agent

The Chambray Vibes and Moods Sasha AgentA dear friend found these stunning earrings in Denton, TX–Click here for this boutique as well!

To see these looks in action, check out todays’ video blog!

Enjoy the rest of your week!