IMG_7642There’s something so exciting about searching for treasures at flea markets. I discovered the Trade Days, or “Third Monday” flea market in McKinney a few years after living in Texas. It’s not your typical flea market, here you’ll find antiques, DIY projects and rustic furniture–my kind of place for home decor. The outdoor party that I will be hosting soon is sneaking up quickly, and I have a ton of things to buy. My goal is to find multiple old windows to create wall art for my shabby living room, and something green to match my party and make it just a little bit more chic.

Although it was extremely hot, almost unbearable hot, it was so worth it! Check out my pictures below to see my finds.



IMG_7618First stop… We had to get our puppy fix!IMG_7619The hubs said no on puppy number 3. IMG_7644

IMG_7614Window shopping… Literally! Ha

IMG_7612 Trade days Aug 3

I found my, ‘something chic,’ for my upcoming outdoor summer party. They’re called Kokedama Spider Succulent Balls by Cactus Momma. Kokedama is a Japanese art form that has soil and moss used as a container for a plant. So neat! To see more of this amazing woman’s work, click here! Check her out on Facebook, and don’t forget to like!
IMG_7596Time for a snack! Tater Twisters!IMG_7607Can’t leave without fresh fruits and veggies!Trade days Aug 1

What I came home with… <3

IMG_7639An old antique door to lean against my wall of windows.IMG_7631

Another window to add to my wall art.Trade days Aug 3And my ‘Succulent Cactus Balls’ by Cactus Momma.

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