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Target Addiction | Sasha Agent | Cat and JackSuffering From Chronic Target Addiction?

Does anyone else find Target to be their favorite place? I’m trying to understand when this store got so unbelievably full of temptations. I remember going to Target as a kid occasionally for household items–you know, like paper towels, lotion… stuff like that. Well, I still go to Target for these necessities, however, now my shopping cart is filled with random dollar section stuff, a dress, bathing suits, lip gloss, toothpaste, sandals, and earrings?! How randomly wonderful! And although this obsession can get super expensive, I still can’t seem to shake my addiction.

Three Reasons Why I’m Addicted to Target

Let’s discuss Who What Wear, Sugarfix by BaubleBar, and Cat & Jack. Because of these Target Addiction | Sasha Agent | Who What Wear | Sugarfix by BaubleBaramazing brands, I’m constantly having to explain to my husband how I managed to spend another 200 bucks at Target, when I simply went to get toothpaste and diapers. Me: “Well… I remembered we had to get dog food, and then it dawned on me that we needed garbage bags. Also there was this amazing dress, and most adorable tops for the girls!” The Husband: “You’re banned from this place.” Me: “I would die without my Target!”

Target Addiction | Sasha Agent | Who What Wear | Sugarfix by BaubleBarMy Starting Line Up

Ever since the line Who What Wear launched at Target (see my previous posts about Who What Wear herehere and here) I’ve been hooked. Their quality, prices, plus the convenience of purchasing their pieces have quickly made it a fave of mine. Their pieces are perfect for the work place and off hours. Since that launch, a children’s line by the name of Cat & Jack also moved in, and I’ve found that their pieces are simply adorable and perfect for my girls. Finally, another thing that makes Target awesome is the new jewelry line, Sugarfix by BaubleBar. BaubleBar has always been a favorite. Their trendy jewelry and bright colors Target Addiction | Sasha Agent | Cat and Jackalways make appearances on the best of the best bloggers. Now that they have teamed up with Target; they’re are unstoppable.

Check out my links below for my latest obsessions from Who What Wear, Cat & Jack, and Sugarfix by BaubleBar. I even linked my new Tory Burch sandals from Nordstrom (and don’t forget about the half-yearly sale, which ends June 4th) and similar tassel dresses!

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Target Addiction | Sasha Agent | Who What Wear | Sugarfix by BaubleBarTarget Addiction | Sasha Agent | Cat and Jack

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