Saddle bag and suede pumps from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Serious Business

So anyone who is a serious shopper speaks of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale like it’s this amazing phenomenon! Umm… that’s because it is! Ha! Here’s why this sale is the bomb… This sale is the first preview to Nordstrom’s fall looks. And where the rest of the stores we love discount their products after everything is going out of season, Nordstrom is placing their Anniversary items on super sale before the fall season even arrives!  Now when I say discount, I’m talkin’ major savings y’all (see I even had to add a Texas y’all in there–that’s how serious I am). 

Blogger wearing distressed denim, sneakers and wool cardigan from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

There’s more!

Alright, so the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary sale is open to the public July 21st and ends August 6th, but trust me–you don’t want to wait that long because everything sells out like crazy! However, if you’re a Nordstrom cardholder like I am, you get to shop the early access sale starting this Thursday July 13th through July 20th. If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, no worries! Simply apply here, and once you’re approved, you can begin shopping right away! Starting August 7th, those dream sale prices will be long gone. 

Get The Scoop From Me!

Gals, I’ve already got this whole thing down to a science. I am preparing to leave the husband with a full bottle of milk all so I can hit the dressing rooms of my local Nordstrom to catch the best sale finds! I plan on finding the best tops, cardigans, boots, jeans and bags of the sale all to give you the 411 (that means information–for all you youngsters). Instead of having to race to the chaotic mall, you can simply shop from your phone and online. I also plan on creating a YouTube video Thursday afternoon–I’ll be showing off my finds straight from my dressing room! Ha! This should be interesting!

See my quick list below for dates and the 2017 catalog! Let the count down begin!

Plan Ahead

Check out the Nordstrom catalog here

Remember the dates are…

Early Access (cardholders)

7/13-7/20 2017

Public Sale

7/21-8/6 2017

Shop My Current Nordstrom Faves

Blogger wearing tan button up shirt with distressed jeans, pumps, and saddle bag from Nordstrom Anniversary SaleBlogger wearing distressed denim, tan pumps and wool cardigan from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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