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The Postpartum Body

Taytem: “Mommy, your tummy is still a little bit big!” Me: Thanks Tay… (Sigh). Maybe my moms out there can relate to this… you know that feeling after you have your baby–you justThe Postpartum Body | Mom Blog | don’t feel like you. In fact, pregnancy looked a bit more like you than this current you. The positives? Well, you can breathe again, instant heartburn relief, and maybe you can even see your toes! The negatives? This new body of yours is smaller, but also distorted. During postpartum, your body continues to change, and what fit you one week, won’t necessarily fit you the next. Even if you were given the pass from your doctor to workout (after the 6-8 weeks) you’re too sleep deprived and tired to even think of such a thing.

The Transition

During this postpartum transition, I try to wear pieces that won’t break the bank–especially because I know my body will change. Oh and did I mention the whole breastfeeding thing? Since I’m breastfeeding, my chest is huge–and for me, this is not a good thing. I’m the type of gal who is totally good with being a B cup. Transitioning from a B to a D is quite alarming when you’re used to being a small size–especially because these new assets suddenly change how everything fits you!

SheIn to the Rescue

Now that I’m looking for transitional clothes (preferably dresses because they’re easy) I want to find pieces that are affordable since I won’t be wearing them too long–well, I hope so at least. Today’s dress is a beautiful summer ready piece–super lightweight and flowy. This off the shoulder/hi-low dress also has an adjustable belt tie making it very easy to adapt to your changing body. Check out more from SheIn here! I promise you’ll fall in love with their summer pieces andThe Postpartum Body | Mom Blog | amazing prices.

And how cute is Tay’s adorable off the shoulder dress? The same transition rule applies to toddlers as well, which is why I love affordable clothes for my kids too! See below for her adorable dress!

Well, we will see what my body looks like next week! Hey maybe I can actually get a pair of my old jeans on? I highly doubt that though–ha!

Have a wonderful long weekend my friends!

Shop Today’s Look!

Bardot Bishop Sleeve Ruffle Trim Dip Hem Dress//SheIn

Toddler Girls’ Eyelet A Line Dress//Target

The Postpartum Body | Mom Blog |The Postpartum Body | Mom Blog |The Postpartum Body | Mom Blog |

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