always wanted to be a pop star. In fact, my blog title came from a nickname that my grandfather gave me, Sisi Pop! Let’s just say I was always a bit sassy. 
My opening outfit for my first blog is called, The Midnight Pop Star. Midnight because of the dark colors, and pop star because of the sassy style. I love the black and gray stripes and the poofy girly girl dress. My mom says,”It’s the perfect blend of casual and dressy!” So I guess she means tomboy meets girly. I may not be up wearing this dress at midnight(my bed time is 9pm), but I will be getting my daytime pop star on!  
If you are interested in getting my look, check out Forever 21 Girls! The best store ever! <3 <3 <3  You can also find my jacket there too! Click here for my jacket and here for my boots.

EnJoy! <3


“Bouncy curls!”

“Sittin’ pretty.”

“Really mom?  Just one curl hanging?”












“Cute shoes!”

“Loving life.” 














“Say what you feel..”

 “Not afraid to stand out.”

“Checkin’ my sleeves.”


 “Ballerina for a day.”
















“Just dreaming…”
















“Just ME.”

See ya next time friends!


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