DIY Maternity PhotosDIY Maternity Photos

Pregnancy Brain

So when you’re pregnant with your third child and EXTREMELY tired, you tend to drop the ball on your maternity to do list.  For example, weekly or even monthly belly pictures–yeah I dropped that ball like week 7–only 2 weeks after I found out I was pregnant, ha! I thought it would be cool to see weekly progress, but I couldn’t even maintain enough momentum to take a monthly stomach selfie. The next thing I forgot about was creating a pregnancy journal/baby book. I guess part of it could be documented on the blog, but yeah, I don’t think that’s happening until my maternity leave. Oh and finally, people started asking me about a baby shower. Oh right! I forgot about that too! You would think that we would’ve saved a thing or two from our sweet little Tay, but nope! That would require thinking or planning ahead. I’m honestly hoping that I even make it to my party date. And finally, DIY Maternity Photosmaternity pictures. At first I came up with an excuse… “Oh we don’t need pics this go around, plus I’ve got a few blog shots.” But then the guilt set in, and I imagined this poor child wondering where her glorious belly shots were. I can just imagine having to explain years from now that mommy was really tired and anemic–I’m sure she would totally understand that. Ha!

Last Minute Shopping

So, here we are! We managed to pull something together super last minute. I’m talkin’ I went to Target the night before, and found the family something to wear. As far as my dress, which is not a maternity dress by the way, I got it from Forever 21 a few weeks prior and planned to wear it for another blog post. Next, we needed a location. We chose the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, the same as my last maternity pics. This timeDIY Maternity Photos we decided to capture the beautiful sunset. I spaced on the whole professional photographer thing, so we had to improvise a bit. My oldest daughter Sisi and the hubs took turns taking pictures, stepping in and out of the photos–it was pretty hilarious. Finally, for a family picture, my husband had no shame in interrupting some poor guy’s rigorous cardio routine for a quick photo shoot, LOL! He has zero shame! If you live in the Dallas area, this nature preserve is a beautiful spot for hiking, picnicking, and walking your dogs.

Anyhow, no fancy camera was needed here. Good lighting, a cooperative family, and some good editing apps. Check out my list below to see what all we used to make this last minute maternity DIY photo shoot happen.

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DIY Maternity Shoot in 5 Steps

1. Clothing

2. PowerShot Camera Cannon

3. Photoshop Express

4. Snapseed

5. Good Lighting (Free : ))

DIY Maternity PhotosDIY Maternity PhotosDIY Maternity PhotosDIY Maternity PhotosDIY Maternity PhotosDIY Maternity PhotosDIY Maternity PhotosDIY Maternity PhotosDIY Maternity Photos

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