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The Homestretch

At last! I’m approaching the last stretch of my pregnancy, but I must admit this last trimester is testing my fashion game. At this point I really couldn’t care less about what I wear. I prefer leggings Blogger Sasha Agent | Maternity Clothingand t-shirts to anything else right now. However, an online maternity store by the name of Ingrid and Isabel recently reached out and introduced me to their irresistible and chic line for pregnant women and moms going through the postpartum stage.  When I pulled up their website and saw how chic and gorgeous everything was, I had to try out their looks!

Three Beautiful Maternity Looks

So, I tried out 3 different looks… My first look was a bohemian white off the shoulder midi dress. Also available in pink, black and blue, this dress is super comfortable, lightweight, and made with quality. My next piece is another off the shoulder get up, but it’s a top. This top’s  beautiful embroidered details and light fabric makes dressing up or dressing down any OOTD super easy. Finally, for a more formal look–like my baby shower coming up, I’m wearing a pink lace boatneck Blogger Sasha Agent | Maternity Clothingdress  (super stretchy and surprisingly very comfortable). Take a look at the Ingrid and Isabel website; I promise you’ll be tempted to load up your online shopping cart with beautifully made clothing.

More Than Maternity Clothes

My favorite thing about this line I that they make their pieces for your pregnancy, but also for the postpartum months. This makes me feel so much better about spending money on maternity clothes–which I hate because it’s such a  temporary time period. However, with these looks, I can continue to wear my clothes even after my pregnancy, and at the same time, I’ll still be fabulous and on trend!

Check out Ingrid and Isabel for yourself for their modern and chic apparel for expecting mamas! Also, check them out on their social channels–





Blogger Sasha Agent | Maternity ClothingBlogger Sasha Agent | Maternity ClothingBlogger Sasha Agent | Maternity ClothingBlogger Sasha Agent | Maternity ClothingBlogger Sasha Agent | Maternity ClothingBlogger Sasha Agent | Maternity Clothing

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