OOTD: Tassels on Tassels and Summer Sundays

 Blogger wearing black dress with tassels, espadrille wedges, cult gaia bag and tassel earrings

An Easy Breezy Summer Sunday

This summer we have really had no choice but to just kick back and relax. With Jaelyn being our little late spring baby, we wanted to make sure that we kept things simple by staying at home. Although I lovehangin’ at home (I’m definitely a homebody), I’ve been dying to get out of the house–probably because I suffered from cabin fever during my maternity leave. But now that I’m alive again (LOL) and have my (more…)

A Tropical Vacation… Well the Next Best Thing

Sasha Agent wearing tropical cami dress with tassel earringsTropical’ish Vacation?

Typically my husband and I are able to do something fun for our girls during the summer. Even when our budget is tight, we try to do something special as far as traveling. This summer is a bit different… For one, we have a new addition to our family. Some of you may know that traveling long distances with new babies can be quite fun right? Not to mention having to pack a million and one things, being trapped on an airplane, or the inconvenience of not having your everyday items at your disposal. I’m stressed just thinking about it! I’ve been there done that, and now know better. Instead of the stress, we’re heading (more…)

A Day at the Zoo, Breastfeeding, and the Milk Boss

Sasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom Blog

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Proud Mama

I did it you guys… I braved it out yesterday with getting our new family of five to the zoo. I think for the first time ever I was actually prepared for a family outing. In the past, I’ve always forgotten something, or screwed something up somehow. However this time, and probably because the stakes were high with our (more…)

Mom’ing: From Day Chic to Mom Chic

Sasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dress

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Sasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dressShopping Fantasies

When I come across a must have piece, I immediately imagine myself in the most uncomfortable, non-mom shoes–which then ruins the whole moment. Yet, in reality, just because you’re mom’ing, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eliminate all of those amazing outfitSasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dresss you fantasize about.. 

Mom Chic

Last week I fell in love with a beautiful drop waist ruffle dress by English Factory from Shopbop, perfect for the summer. When it arrived, I thought, well how am I supposed to wear this if I can’t really wear heels most days?

Sasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dress

Shoe Change

I first tried paring this gorgeous number with a very light weight pair of white sneakers–which worked like a charm. Next I tried my baby blue Keds, Kate Spade edition, and instantly fell in love. I then realized that this dress would work great with nude flats, which worked beautifully. Next, I felt a little more brave, and tried out some good ol’ wedges–I honestly find wedges toSasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dress be the most comfy just because they take pressure off of my heels. I suffer from an off and on case of plantar fasciitis, so I tend to do better with a little height. Finally, my last look is definitely the ideal look for this dress… hair up, a basket purse (see my last post on the picnic basket trend here), blush sunnies and pastel colored heels. Now with this look, I wouldn’t be caught trying to keep up with my kiddos–no ma’am! 

I believe that it’s super important to wear what you want–but the reality is that some of us still have to get our mom on. While mom’ing around, simply adapt to your kids by changing up your shoes!

Check out my pics below to see how I took this dress from chic, to mom chic! You can shop this post below for this gorgeous dress, and all of my featured shoes.

Now go ahead and get you mom chic on!

Happy Monday loves!


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Sasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dressSasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dress Sasha Agent| mom chic| mom blog| drop waist dressSasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dress
Sasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dress

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