Sassy Pop Presents: Back to School Edition

IMG_5343That’s right fashionistas… Summer is coming to an end, which means it’s time to get our fashion on! I used to think having to wear school uniforms was no fun–that was until my mom, also known as my stylist, showed me the light! She showed me how to rock my school uniform with super style!

My mom and dad got all my uniforms from Forever IMG_534721, who knew right? They got me the essentials; 4 blue and khaki pleated high waisted skirts, two blue and khaki pants, a Peter Pan white button up, a long sleeve oxford button up (boy fit), a blue cardigan, 5 pairs of assorted socks (white, blue and crimson, some with ruffles, some with stripes), 3 pairs of canvas tennis shoes, and finally a super cute blue and white striped backpack.

I’d say my parents did pretty good! Check me out!

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My DIY Rustic Wall Art

The days of over swiping my credit cards are over. The hubs has been watching me like a hawk so I don’t spend money like crazy. And although he is doing a wonderful job at managing our budget and paying off debt; he is also doing a wonderful job at making me a little crazy. So crazy in fact, that I’m coping by becoming more creative–but I guess that’s a good thing… It’s just so much dang work!


sashaagent.comAnyhow, we’ve lived in our home for pretty much exactly three years now, and I’ve been waiting to come across the perfect wall art for our paneled walls. I used to be, what I like to call, an instant decorator. During my single days, I would decorate my apartment with a few mini shopping sprees at IKEA, Marshalls or Target, and be done. Most of those impulsive purchases have now made homes via garage sales and Goodwill. This time around, I’m being more patient and trying to make long-term decisions regarding my home decor.

I recently showed the hubby two pieces of art that go perfectly in our native american/rustic family room. I already knew the answer was no, but I still insisted on sashaagent.comasking because every blue moon, he says yes. Well, the moon definitely wasn’t blue, so that option went out the door. However, last night I was straightening up the house and it suddenly dawned on me, that I’ve had the most perfect piece of wall art for this home and didn’t even realize it!

sashaagent.comOur home was custom built back in 1969, and all of the owners since then have passed along the original blue prints. I’ve had the prints rolled up as rustic decor on a book shelf, however, I never thought to frame them. I had two “not so chic” pieces of wall art that looked like they were from a cheap hotel in 1998. Both pictures were framed in large, yet cheap, IKEA frames. I simply removed the pictures, distressed the frames by wiping tan chalk paint along the edges, trimmed the blue prints–and presto! My very own personalized masterpieces that are meaningful to our home.

sashaagent.comSo here it is folks… The perfect rustic wall art I’ve been waiting for. The best part… It was totally free! So I guess I should thank the husband, or I can say that I’ve actually saved us a lot of money, so now we can buy something else! Ha! Nope!

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Summer Vintage Bliss

Summer Vintage Bliss (’s something about vintage clothing that makes me feel so cool… A few years back I was OBSESSED with shopping for vintage dresses on Ebay. Unfortunately, most of my purchases didn’t go so well once I actually unpacked my winnings. Online thrift shopping can be quite a gamble and believe me, I’ve had my share of disappointments. However, I have managed to become lucky at times…

My first find was a 1980s Laura Ashley strapless sundress found on Ebay.  If you’re used toSummer Vintage Bliss ( shopping on Ebay, you would know that there’s a huge selection of stores.  This one in particular was a store called Tin Roof Vintage, an online vintage boutique established in 2006 that has now evolved into a well respected online retailer. They hand select each of their rare items, which are aligned with today’s popular trends. I recently discovered that they also have an Etsy store! However, it also looks like their prices have shot through the roof since I last shopped there…

Summer Vintage Bliss ( second 1980s dress was found on a random Etsy account.  It was actually extremely long–ankle length in fact… I thought it was another thrifter disappointment as I managed to make it a lonely home in my guest room closet. I recently made the game changing idea to get it altered. This dress went from Little House on the Prairie, to Carrie on Sex in the City, by just removing almost two feet of fabric! Oh, and did I mention it has pockets?!!! I love dresses with pockets!

This last dress is a vintage “inspired” dress found on a cool online store called, Pixie Summer Vintage Bliss ( I love that they have a lot of vintage inspired clothing with a contemporary touch.  I love wearing this dress with my gladiator sandals, wedges, like shown here, or even my tall riding boots in the fall.

Call me brave I guess, but I don’t mind taking a risk when it comes to fashion. If you’re willing to search, just be sure to do a little research. It’s always safe to purchase from well established stores (you’ll have to pay the extra penny of course), but don’t rule out your random Etsy and Ebay sellers–they may have found a true gem and not even know it!








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