A Little City, A Little Country

sashaagent.comI was born and raised in the suburbs of Northern California, and ever since moving to Texas, I’ve truly fallen in love with the rustic and country culture. It has not only influenced my style of dress, but it has also made an impact on how I decorated my home. Oh, and may I add that the hubby is also a Texas country boy… ha!

If you haven’t noticed already, sashaagent.comI’m all over the place when it comes to fashion–it’s definitely difficult to pin point my style. Today, I’m embracing my city meets country kind of personality. I’ve taken overalls, platform Mary Janes, and added two of my favorite conservative pussy bow tops to give a nice contrast. You’ll love this look because it can be worn in both a casual or more formal’ish setting.

Have fun with this one! And welcome to my favorite season… Fall!


sashaagent.comGet this fall must have! Denim overall shorts… Click here for a similar style.

sashaagent.comsashaagent.comI love this top… It’s classic and chic. Get a similar look here.sashaagent.com sashaagent.comsashaagent.comDistressed overalls is also a must… I got these at Target a while ago, but here is a similar set for about the same price.sashaagent.comHere is a similar pussy bow top like above, however, it has that black and white contrasted color mix. Click here for a similar look. sashaagent.comAdd a navy blue blazer to add a layer and a more conservative look. Click here for this blazer.sashaagent.comFinally, my Mary Jane platforms by Jeffrey Campbell. I adore these shoes even though they scare me. These shoes are old, but here is a similar pair by C Label.

sashaagent.com sashaagent.comsashaagent.comsashaagent.comsashaagent.comsashaagent.comGood night… <3

Trade Day Adventures: My August Finds

IMG_7642There’s something so exciting about searching for treasures at flea markets. I discovered the Trade Days, or “Third Monday” flea market in McKinney a few years after living in Texas. It’s not your typical flea market, here you’ll find antiques, DIY projects and rustic furniture–my kind of place for home decor. The outdoor party that I will be hosting soon is sneaking up quickly, and I have a ton of things to buy. My goal is to find multiple old windows to create wall art for my shabby living room, and something green to match my party and make it just a little bit more chic.

Although it was extremely hot, almost unbearable hot, it was so worth it! Check out my pictures below to see my finds.



IMG_7618First stop… We had to get our puppy fix!IMG_7619The hubs said no on puppy number 3. IMG_7644

IMG_7614Window shopping… Literally! Ha

IMG_7612 Trade days Aug 3

I found my, ‘something chic,’ for my upcoming outdoor summer party. They’re called Kokedama Spider Succulent Balls by Cactus Momma. Kokedama is a Japanese art form that has soil and moss used as a container for a plant. So neat! To see more of this amazing woman’s work, click here! Check her out on Facebook, and don’t forget to like!
IMG_7596Time for a snack! Tater Twisters!IMG_7607Can’t leave without fresh fruits and veggies!Trade days Aug 1

What I came home with… <3

IMG_7639An old antique door to lean against my wall of windows.IMG_7631

Another window to add to my wall art.Trade days Aug 3And my ‘Succulent Cactus Balls’ by Cactus Momma.

My Bohemian Summer Fav!

Sasha Agent (sashaagent.com)My summer wardrobe began with workout leggings, tees and tennis shoes. To help my hubs in the budgeting department, I promised to go light on spending by dressing with simplicity, or wearing what I owned. Such a sweet little plan until I ran into this beauty!

My summer fav was a bohemian sun dress by Free People. Made with quality, heavy, flowy, yet tight in all the right places–this boho beauty is perfection. The best part about this dress is that I don’t have to worry about it going out of style. This look will always be around, which is the very reason why Free People is such a success. Be on the look out to see how I dress it up as a fall look.


Sasha Agent (sashaagent.com)Meet the Extratropical dress by Free People! Click here if you want her!Sasha Agent (sashaagent.com)If you love my necklaces, click here and here for a similar look!Sasha Agent (sashaagent.com)I love these gladiator sandals… These Free People Jeffrey Campbell Romana gladiators are truly one of a kind. Click here if you want ’em!Sasha Agent (sashaagent.com)Click to here to add this beautiful wooden bracelet to your arm candy… You can never have enough. Here’s more… and more!Sasha Agent (sashaagent.com)I love vintage bags and purses, unfortunately they’re hard to duplicate. However, click here for my favorite basket purse by Club Monaco!Sasha Agent (sashaagent.com)Sasha Agent (sashaagent.com) Sasha Agent (sashaagent.com)

Extratropical Dress • Free People • $118

Romana Fest Gladiator Sandals • Free People • $168

FULL TILT Eagle/Wing 2 Row Necklace • Full Tilt • $7.99

American Eagle Outfitters American Eagle Turquoise Medallion Choker Necklace • American Eagle • $15.50

“Polished Wood Bangle Pair • $34

“Two-Tone Wood Bangles • $28

Kule Wood Bangle • Kule • $62

Gingham at the Museum

 Unfortunately my summer is coming to a close–which means the quality time with my family will come to a stop. Soon will come the hectic days of waking up early, getting everyone dressed (sometimes including the hubs), dropping my girls off at daycare and school, teaching my middle school students, picking up the girls, helping with homework, figuring out dinner, taking my oldest
daughter to dance, and finally getting them bathed and ready for bed. Whoa! I’m stressed out just typing all that!

Now that I only have a few days left, I’m trying to find ways to get out of the house and spend some fun with my girls–in style of course!  Check out our day at the Dallas Museum in our gingham street wear!



IMG_5838 (1)IMG_5843IMG_5844IMG_5848IMG_5842 IMG_5803 (1)IMG_5846IMG_5849

FOREVER 21+ Round Gradated Sunglasses • Forever 21 • $5.90
Free People Leather Harness Vest • Free People • $58
Women’s Denim Cut-Off Shorts (2″) • Old Navy • $26
FOREVER 21 Buffalo Plaid Linen Shirt • Forever 21 • $19.90
New Balance ‘574’ Sneaker (Women) • New Balance • $74.95
FOREVER 21 girls Gingham Plaid Dress (Kids) • Forever 21 • $14
FOREVER 21 Round Cutout Heart Sunglasses • Forever 21 • $7.90
FOREVER 21 Classic Canvas Plimsolls • Forever 21 • $12.90

DIY Ombre Dinner Napkins


I found an awesome pin on Pinterest giving a tutorial on how to DIY your own ombre napkins for a chic beach themed wedding reception. I thought the same thing would be cool for the next party I’d be hosting, which will be a summer chic gathering, with the colors apple green and white. Anytime I see this color combo, it makes me feel refreshed and relaxed. So my party next month will be just that!

So here’s the recipe that I modified a bit…

  1. You will need this… IMG_4908
  2. Prep your water first. I simply kettle boiled water, dumped it in a bucket using 1 part dye to 8 parts water. I was limited to using the liquid RIT dye since the color I wanted was only available in liquid form, however, I hear that the powdered form is the best.
  3. Before I began the dying process, I prepped each napkin by wetting it with hot water. I then folded my napkin in half, dipping the bottom 1/3 into the dye for 5 seconds, leaving the top folded edge untouched. I then repeated the same process except dipping about 2/3 into the dye for 10 seconds.
  4. I then squeezed out the excess dyed water and laid it out on a towel.
  5. I repeated this process until all of my napkins were dyed.
  6. Next, I took each napkin and once again dipped only the very bottom in the dye for about 20 seconds, just to give it that extra dark contrast.
  7. I squeezed out the excess dye again, and set it out to dry.
  8. I let the napkins sit out to dry over night.
  9. In the morning I rinsed all the napkins in cold water and hand washed them with only a small amount of mild detergent.
  10. I squeezed out the excess water and threw them in the dryer as a normal load.
  11. Next, I ironed each napkin, folded them to my desired look and viola! Chic ombre dinner napkins!

IMG_4910 IMG_4911 IMG_4912 IMG_4914 IMG_4915 IMG_4916

 1 IMG_4885