Definition of The Perfect Tee

The Perfect Tee: The perfect tee should be soft, adaptable, diverse, available in multiple colors, easy to care for, and most of all–affordable. 

I’ve been on a mission to find the most perfect tee shirt for what seems like forever now. They’ve been either too frumpy, too cheap, too expensive, or limited in variety.

Over the summer, I noticed a new rack in the front of my local Forever 21. For the longest time, they’ve had their 3 dollar v neck tees, but recently they’ve added a similar scoop neck for a couple of dollars more. I was skeptical, but since they were so affordable, I grabbed a few colors. After trying them on, I immediately imagined everything I could pair with these shirts. Not only did I go back to the rack to get every color that existed, but I also drove to another Forever 21 to get a color that wasn’t available in my size. Ha!

If you haven’t found a staple tee; you’ll want to invest in getting these in multiple colors. Well done Forever 21! "Definition of the Perfect Tee" "Definition of the Perfect Tee"Check out this option for floral heels here, and here, "Definition of the Perfect Tee"You’ll be amazed at how comfy these white J Crew shorts are… "Definition of the Perfect Tee"Finally… the perfect tee <3 "Definition of the Perfect Tee"Love this navy blazer with gold detailing. "Definition of the Perfect Tee"For similar denim, try these ASOS distressed boyfriend jeans. "Definition of the Perfect Tee"You can never go wrong with rockin’ your tee in street wear… So in love with my New Balance tennis.

Surprise & Success!

Finally, my mom’s big day arrived! On my very first blog post I announced that I would be hosting a chic, outdoor surprise birthday dinner for my mom. The original plan was to have a simple dinner, however, that soon evolved into a Pinterest backyard extravaganza! After weeks of planning, writing ‘hand written’ personalized invitations, coordinating with her BFFs, and purchasing /DIYing the perfect decor–the day had finally arrived!

My husband and I cleaned and prepared the lighting one week prior to the party since we knew we started back at school the following week. We hung items from the tree and created my floor table made from plywood and cinder blocks.

After a long first week at school, I took my eager 9 year old daughter and tantruming toddler to what seemed like every local grocery store in Dallas to find the best floral arrangements to set off my apple green and white chic decor.

The hubs and I then cleaned and moved all three dining tables to the backyard until 1:30am, woke up at 5:30am to re-hang the lights and finish decorating. Finally, after another 8 hours of preparing food and adding the finishing touches, it was showtime.

Her guests arrived promptly around 6:30pm dressed up in white, just as I requested. I told my mom we were having a small group church meeting that I wanted her to attend so we could take family pictures in white. The best part was that she had been complaining for weeks about having to wear white, how she had to work, and how tired she’d be. Finally, she arrived fashionably late, as always, and was truly blown away as her guests screamed out, “Surprise!” My mom has lived in Texas for just a little over two years now, and she has already formed such a wonderful group of friends that truly adore her.

I must say that the long hours of set up and clean up was well worth it, however, it will be a LONG time before I ever do something like this again!


If you look closely behind me, you’ll see three “Kokedama Spider Succullent Balls” hanging in the tree. These beauties were created by the talented, Cactus Momma. If you are a Dallas local, you’ve got to check out her creations on her Facebook page, or at the McKinney Trade Days.

My hubby’s teriyaki burgers… <3

My Error Proof Fall Formula

Error Proof Fall Formula sashaagent.comIt’s always tough transitioning from summer to fall in Texas since the temperatures don’t just immediately drop. To help ease your way into the fall season, I came up with an error proof formula that will keep you cool, yet in style. Test out my formula… Take your favorite summer sun dress and pair it with your favorite fall/winter boots. For detailing, find your chunkiest bangles, cuffs or bracelets, and dig deep in your jewelry box for your statement rings. Try out my formula and enjoy the best season of all–fall!


Error Proof Fall Formula

Kimichi Cutwork Tropical Dress//Fringe Purse//Free People Hybrid Heel Boot//Wide Brim Fedora

Error Proof Fall Formula

Free People Emma Dress//Fringe Booties

Peter Pan+Cut Offs+Blazer… <3

 This is what I love about the basics–you can take your classic wardrobe pieces and turn them into a not so basic outfit. Here I took two conservative pieces; my black blazer and peter pan white blouse, and combined them with my distressed cut off denim shorts. To keep the look dressy, I simply added my nude sandals. Finally, for just a slight pop of color, I wore my favorite eagle Free People necklace.

Enjoy friends! And thanks for stopping by! Peter Pan+Blazer+Cut Offs Click here for my 90s style glasses. Peter Pan+Blazer+Cut Offs Click here for this suede fringe Peter Pan+Blazer+Cut Offs Click here for a peter pan collar blouse, and here for a similar eagle necklace. Peter Pan+Blazer+Cut Offs Click here for my cut off denim shorts. Peter Pan+Blazer+Cut Offs Click here for a classic black blazer. Peter Pan+Blazer+Cut Offs For these simple nude heels, click here.

The Fringe Clutch is a Must!

Sasha Agent www.sashaagent.comFringe seems to be the latest trend, and currently I am obsessed! You’ll never believe which company is stepping up to the anti-faux game… Forever 21. Sure they’re still offering the faux suede and leather options, but they’re also looking out for people like me who are looking for quality and affordability. So drumroll please…. This fringe clutch cost me $29.90! You just can’t beat that! This chic clutch is perfect for date nights or even lunch with the girls. I love it’s neutral color and flowy movement. Have fun with this must have!



Sasha Agent

Sasha Agent Sasha Agent Sasha Agent Sasha Agent Sasha Agent Sasha Agent Sasha Agent Sasha Agent

Suede Clutch

Sleek Patent Runway Sandal

ASOS Collection Low Slung Straight Leg Boyfriend Jeans

Heathered Crew Neck Tee