Blogger wearing Nordstrom Anniversary Sale cardigan with distressed jeans and Adidas

The Key to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I feel like a kid in a candy store! Ha! It’s officially here everyone! The 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to Nordstrom card holders (apply here if you want in early) and you guys aren’t going to believe how amazing these deals are! Alright, so let’s just cut to the chase. Below, I categorized everything and linked my favorites. And just some advice–shop as soon as you can because things sell out super fast (they may even get snatched in your online cart). Remember, the sale doesn’t

open to the public until 7/21/17, so having a Nordstrom card is the key to getting what you want!


Umm… Can I just say, #ShoeCrush! You guys, this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shoe selection is on point! My must have picks are the over the knee boots and sneakers. See my slide below for all of my faves!

Tops + Blouses

You all know I’m trying to keep my wardrobe more practical now, for mom’ing and work purposes mainly–also because of age (sigh). With the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you can definitely find practical tops and blouses. I selected fun and casual choices, as well as professional picks for work.

Cardigans + Jackets

Love, love, love a good cardigan– especially for the work place. If I want to wear a tank top or cami while I’m teaching, I always layer with a cardigan because, 1) I am a professional and 2) I get cold when the AC is on. And of course you’ve gotta have a ready to go fall jacket. Here are my top picks!


So, I’m kind of up in the air about purchasing denim this year. I’m still losing baby weight, so I want to wait a bit until I’m back to my normal size before I invest in jeans. However, here are my faves… I’m loving the raw hem and high waist features.


Honestly, I didn’t find too many dresses from the catalog that I loved, but here are the few that I did find, which would be great for work or even weekend attire.


Last year, I fell in love with my Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag–however, this year it’s all about the totes. See below for my top bags and purses!

Athletic Apparel

You would think that I’d want to wear workout apparel for the sake of working out–but nope! I’m loving the whole leggings trend right now–which is great for street fashion!


And how could I forget the kiddies?! This year, I’m going to take advantage of this sale when it comes to back to school shopping. And as far as kids’ shoes–it doesn’t get any better than this!


And finally… All of the other random things that I can’t resist–make up, beauty, and jewelry; you’ll find my top random picks below!


That is it for now… Wishing you all great finds and bargains! Stay tuned for my dressing room diaries!


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