Follow the Happy Place Sasha Agent

Follow the Happy Place

Hoping week 1 of my Brain Reframe Challenge went well for you! This week I want to focus on following a new happy place and meditation.

See the video below for this week’s focus. Also be sure to keep an open mind. You may feel that following a video like this wont be realistic, however, simply tell yourself to find the time–and it will happen.


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Let the Brain Surgery Begin! Week 2

Day 8: Reminder

  1. Get your journal or calendar, and take a look at Day 21, just to give yourself a reminder of your end goal.
  2. Now on Day 8, simply follow the video up top, or click here, to engage in a breathing exercise and meditation that you will practice daily this week.
  3. Take a note for today and write… “Week 2, let’s do this!”

Sasha Agent "Brain Reframe: 21 Day Train the Brain Challenge"Day 9: New Happy Place

  1.   Follow the Happy Place Sasha Agent For week 1, you had a happy place. This week you will find a new happy place. This time think of your ideal happy place. You may have never been to this place–and that’s okay. Just make sure you can visualize yourself at this specific place.
  2. Draw a symbol or picture of your new ideal place on Day 9 in your journal.
  3. Next, play this week’s video and visualize you in your new ideal happy place.

Day 10: Think about your Ultimate Goal.

  1. Think back to your ultimate goal from last week, and visualize yourself reaching this goal.
  2. Next play this week’s video and visualize yourself in your new happy place, but this time envision yourself experiencing the happy place with the knowledge that you have reached your ultimate goal.
  3. Draw a symbol of something that represents what you saw during your meditation.

Day 11-13: Visualize, Visualize, Visualize 

  1.   Follow the Happy Place Sasha Agent Find a quiet place first thing when you wake up.
  2. Ask yourself, can I reach my goal?
  3. Follow up with a confident YES, and begin to visualize this week’s happy place with the knowledge that you have reached your ultimate goal, all while engaging in this week’s video

Day 14: Reflect

  1. When you wake up, find the time to reflect in your journal by drawing out pictures or symbolic representations of your goal.
  2. Once you have your images drawn out, write your goal in a one sentence statement.
  3. Now repeat steps 2-3 from Days 11-13.

Congratulations! You are two-thirds of the way to having a retrained brain! Get mentally prepared for mastering a new and permanent way of thinking next week.

*Please note that I am not a licensed psychologist or counselor. I am also not an expert on neuroplasticity. I developed these activities based on my own personal knowledge and research on creating habits. Results may also differ and depend on the individual. For some, creating a habit may take more than 21 days–and I may be one of those people due to my short-term memory problem. : /  Have fun with this y’all!

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