The awesome part about being the mommy to two amazing girls is that we can play dress up! My oldest daughter recently asked me if she could start her own fashion blog, Sassypop. At first I was hesitant, but then I realized that it would be a great way to bond over something we both have in common, as well as give her the opportunity to practice writing and speaking in public. She’s definitely not doing it alone. I have to manage the publishing, editing and social media…

 Both of my girls are quite the dancers (wonder where they got that from?) My youngest already understands musicality and is a little fireball! My daughters definitely keep everyone laughing as they are both so creative and talented. Check out their videos… I promise you will be thoroughly entertained.

Sisi Performing So Fly at Monsters of Hip Orlando

Taytee Bear Dancing at Monsters of Hip HopTaytee Bear Dancing the Whip and Nae NaeTaytee Bear Dancing to Get Like Me 

Sassy Pop Featuring Taytee Bear

Sassy Pop Presents “The Funky Punk”

Sassy Pop Presents “The Midnight Pop Star”

Sassy Pop Presents “The Nerd-Ista”

Sassy Pop Presents “Birthday Cake”

Sisi The Greatest Freestyle Rapper Ever!

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