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Proud Mama

I did it you guys… I braved it out yesterday with getting our new family of five to the zoo. I think for the first time ever I was actually prepared for a family outing. In the past, I’ve always forgotten something, or screwed something up somehow. However this time, and probably because the stakes were high with our new baby, I actually packed the night before and felt super prepared.

Sasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom Blog

Smooth Sailing

Once we got to the zoo, I felt pretty good. The baby wasn’t screaming in her car seat, Tay Sasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom Blogwasn’t whining, and Sisi wasn’t pouting. So far so good! Even better, Jaelyn slept for the first 45 mins, so I got to enjoy a little time with Tay and Sisi before all my time was geared towards the baby. Once Jaelyn was ready to eat, I didn’t want to keep the family from exploring, so I figured, what the heck… let’s whip out the good ol’ milk boss breastfeeding cover Sasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom Blogand put it to use. 

4 In One

The Itzy Ritzy Mom Boss Nursing Cover is a 4 in 1 nursing scarf that can also be used as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and a fashionable scarf. I would say by far, this is one of the best baby inventions ever! It actually kind of makes me think, why didn’t I think of this?! 

I’ve Got 99 Problems, But Breastfeeding Isn’t One

As we walked and explored, I did something I was never brave or comfortable enough to do Sasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom Blogwith Sisi or Tay… I was able to multi-task–breastfeeding while walking. I felt pretty unstoppable. Ha! 

Milk Boss- Mom Boss

I left the zoo feeling pretty amazed at how resilient and strong mothers are. In addition to feeling pretty dang cool, I also felt good in my zoo ready OOTD (outfit of the day). Check out my Shop the Post below for direct links to my comfy, yet chic look featuring a Brigitte Bailey button up dress,  a dress less than 35 bucks, nude fringe wrap up sandals at an amazing price, in addition to the infamous Milk Boss nursing cover. 

Happy Wednesday sweet friends! 

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Sasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom BlogSasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom Blog

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2 comments on “A Day at the Zoo, Breastfeeding, and the Milk Boss”

  1. I love this! I can appreciate the whole not feeling confident enough to breastfeed and do anything else. I was like that at first, but because I nursed my baby for close to 17 months, I feel it was easier to get the hang of nursing while doing other things.

    • Thank you so much Jessica! I was the same way with my first two, but felt way more confident with my little Jaelyn. Thanks for stopping by lady! Hope your blog is comin’ along well!

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