IMG_5343That’s right fashionistas… Summer is coming to an end, which means it’s time to get our fashion on! I used to think having to wear school uniforms was no fun–that was until my mom, also known as my stylist, showed me the light! She showed me how to rock my school uniform with super style!

My mom and dad got all my uniforms from Forever IMG_534721, who knew right? They got me the essentials; 4 blue and khaki pleated high waisted skirts, two blue and khaki pants, a Peter Pan white button up, a long sleeve oxford button up (boy fit), a blue cardigan, 5 pairs of assorted socks (white, blue and crimson, some with ruffles, some with stripes), 3 pairs of canvas tennis shoes, and finally a super cute blue and white striped backpack.

I’d say my parents did pretty good! Check me out!

 IMG_5344 IMG_5346 IMG_5345  IMG_5342 IMG_5341 IMG_5340IMG_5317 IMG_5336 IMG_5334 IMG_5333 IMG_5332 IMG_5331 IMG_5330 IMG_5329 IMG_5316 IMG_5327 IMG_5326 IMG_5325 IMG_5324 IMG_5322 IMG_5321  IMG_5319  IMG_5318


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