Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"We all love her… She’s our spunky Sassy Pop. You may have wondered why Sisi has been a little quiet since her back to school special this past August. Well, like every other active fourth grader, she’s been super busy with school and extra curricular activities. And oh yeah, there was also one other thing…

Here’s another reason why you’ll just adore Sisi… I’m sure you all remember my oh so chic surprise birthday party I held for my mom. Well, let’s just say my oldest daughter Sisi knows how to shut down a party.

Toward the end of the party, Sisi decided to use the restroom. Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"After washing her hands, she also decided to splash water on her face. We all know and love her big hair… Well it was actually her big hair that sort of got her in this mess, yet it also saved her. Sisi dipped the tips of her hair into a small bathroom candle and set her entire head on fire. She ran outside to the backyard screaming at the top her lungs, “My hair’s on fire!” I’m sure you can imagine how traumatic this was for everyone to witness–me especially being her mom.

I thank God for our guests quick thinking, because I was literally in shock. After about 7 seconds of frantically running and chasing her down, the fire was finally put out with water from a vase of flowers. I immediately ran my baby to the shower, and rinsed out what seemed like endless chunks of burnt hair. Her entire hair had been given a generous cut, but the center of her head was almost entirely exposed. Three more seconds, and her scalp would’ve been severely burned. Like I said, her big hair also saved her by allowing some time for the fire to reach her scalp.

I fought back my tears trying to stay calm for her, as she cried to me apologizing for the Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"accident. I of course reassured her, endlessly repeating that it was not her fault, and reminded her of what truly mattered.

How could my sweet girl think it was her fault? In fact I blamed myself for not thinking to put the candle somewhere out of the way. But again, all that mattered was that she was okay, and the fire hadn’t caused any major burns. We told Sisi over and over how much worse the situation could have been, and as I repeated this advice, I still had to convince myself of this truth. As thankful as I was, I still worried about bullying at school, and hurtful comments from her classmates.

I prayed and prayed and cried and cried, until I finally snapped out of it and made the best out of the situation like I usually do. I experimented with ways of styling to reduce the questions. Finally after about a bazillion different clips and lots of headbands, I saw her confidence come back to life.

Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"Sisi misses her big hair of course, but she knows it’s just hair and it will grow back. She also recognizes that others aren’t so lucky. She’s truly a trooper and I admire her transparency in wanting to share. So if you’re wondering, “Where’s the curly fro?” Well, it will be making an appearance a little later down the line. Until then, Sisi wants everyone to know she’s super excited about rockin’ her hats, clips, and headbands.

Also, I’ve learned to love and appreciate fragranced plug ins, and battery operated candles. Just sayin.’

Love you all, and thank you for your support! <3

Here’s Sassy Pop rockin’ her floral and military look!

Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"Sassy pop is actually wearing my military vest… a fall season must have.
Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"  High waisted floral skirt, old, see similar here.Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"Dreamin’ of this floral T-shirt, old, see similar here.

Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"Here are similar tan booties!

Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"

Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy" Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"

Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"  Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"

Another reason to love Sassy Pop "A Hair-Tragedy"

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