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Is it Friday already?! When you’re a teacher, or student, you want the summer to last forever. Instead it flies by super fast–naturally right? So what do our days consist of when school is officially out? This seems to mean non-stop cleaning, spending tons of money eating out, entertaining bored children, binge watching TV shows, starting DIY projects that never get finished, and maxing out credit cards on unnecessary things from Target and mini vacations. But what seems to trump all of that in the end is of course spending quality time with my family.

Not Reality

With everyone out of school for the first week, we’re just trying to figure things out over here–especially now with our new little addition. On last week’s Instagram Round Up (see it here), I discussed trying to balance out this whole blogging thing. So far, I’m slowly getting back into the groove, however, I feel like because it’s summer, it’s not realistic. Once school is back in session and I’m back in the classroom, I’m pretty sure things are going to change drastically. I guess all I can do is wait and see. For now, I’m having fun catching up with blogger friends and taking pictures with my girls.

So here we go! Let’s recap on this past week!

1. Spanish Flare

Blogger | Sasha Agent | Maxi Dress | Summer

2. Summer Gingham Baby

Blogger | Sasha Agent | mom blog | baby clothes

LennyLemons//Savannah Baby Romper

3. Fancy Sleeves

Blogger | Sasha Agent | Summer Dress | Who What Wear

4. Casual Florals

Blogger | Sasha Agent | Maxi Dress | Summer

5. Mama’s Loves

Blogger | Sasha Agent | Neutral Home | Mom blog | Neutral rug

6. Bodysuits and Cutoffs

Blogger | Sasha Agent | Nude Bodysuit | Summer

7. Picnic Art

Blogger | Sasha Agent | Vintage romper | Summer | basket purse

8. Maternity to Postpartum

Blogger | Sasha Agent | Maxi Dress | Summer

9. Oh Sassy Pop…

Blogger | Sasha Agent | Off the shoulder top | Summer

Thanks for stopping by! And have an incredible weekend!

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