Finally, my mom’s big day arrived! On my very first blog post I announced that I would be hosting a chic, outdoor surprise birthday dinner for my mom. The original plan was to have a simple dinner, however, that soon evolved into a Pinterest backyard extravaganza! After weeks of planning, writing ‘hand written’ personalized invitations, coordinating with her BFFs, and purchasing /DIYing the perfect decor–the day had finally arrived!

My husband and I cleaned and prepared the lighting one week prior to the party since we knew we started back at school the following week. We hung items from the tree and created my floor table made from plywood and cinder blocks.

After a long first week at school, I took my eager 9 year old daughter and tantruming toddler to what seemed like every local grocery store in Dallas to find the best floral arrangements to set off my apple green and white chic decor.

The hubs and I then cleaned and moved all three dining tables to the backyard until 1:30am, woke up at 5:30am to re-hang the lights and finish decorating. Finally, after another 8 hours of preparing food and adding the finishing touches, it was showtime.

Her guests arrived promptly around 6:30pm dressed up in white, just as I requested. I told my mom we were having a small group church meeting that I wanted her to attend so we could take family pictures in white. The best part was that she had been complaining for weeks about having to wear white, how she had to work, and how tired she’d be. Finally, she arrived fashionably late, as always, and was truly blown away as her guests screamed out, “Surprise!” My mom has lived in Texas for just a little over two years now, and she has already formed such a wonderful group of friends that truly adore her.

I must say that the long hours of set up and clean up was well worth it, however, it will be a LONG time before I ever do something like this again!


If you look closely behind me, you’ll see three “Kokedama Spider Succullent Balls” hanging in the tree. These beauties were created by the talented, Cactus Momma. If you are a Dallas local, you’ve got to check out her creations on her Facebook page, or at the McKinney Trade Days.

My hubby’s teriyaki burgers… <3

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