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Birthday Mom www.sasahaagent.comI’ve decided to plan a surprise birthday party for my mom. It started with a simple thought of a brunch in my sun room, and has now evolved into an outdoor evening summer dinner with chic and refreshing decor. Well, that sounds about right for me.  I always think of something simple and easy, and manage to turn it into something a bit more dramatic than anticipated. Whatever the case, I always seem to surprise myself with an outcome of quality.

So there is a dilemma, no money–okay some money, but not a lot. My husband and I are teachers, which means we’re comfortable and can stand for an occasional splurge with good money management and a bit of patience. However, when it comes to unplanned events, it’s hard to maintain affordability without facing the evil temptations of credit cards. Now, here I am, exactly 37 days out and I’ve got nothin’ but empty pockets and a Pinterest board full of wonderful and expensive ideas.

But wait, I have a solution… DIY.  Do it yourself, or as my husband would call it, the honey do list.  IThe Hubs come up with the idea, show him what I want, and he creates it for me–we make a killer team (but I think he definitely gets the short end of the stick, Ha!)

As I put on my game face and begin to countdown to the big day, I will continue to blog about my plans and update you on my cool finds and money-saving plans. Wish me luck!  And I promise to be as frugal and chic as humanly possible.



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