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Behind the Obsession

Anyone else out there have a throw pillow obsession? My husband is ready to throw me out the window whenever I bring home or purchase a new decorative pillow. Ha! He cannot comprehend why we even need them in first place due to the fact that I yell at him whenever he lays his head on one. To me, throw pillows give that final touch, and that last pop of detail to finalize your home.

So here is why I am a crazy person when it comes to throw pillows…

5 Reasons to Love Throw Pillows

  1. I like to furnish with neutral colors purposely so I always have the flexibility to change my accent colors. I’ve been known to change up my home decor time to time. So when this happens, it’s not the end of the world financially because all I’m having to change out are accent pieces and throw pillows.
  2. There are so many accents and statements you can make with pillows. They are great when you are looking to break up monotony on your sofa, or on your bed.
  3. Pillows can also dress up bare corners and empty oversized baskets. Often when I have an empty space that needs that certain something, I dress it up with a basket, or one of my antique galvanized oversized bins. Stuff these with a few pillows, and you have a new occupied space!
  4. You can easily play off of your accent colors by adding complimentary colors. This will often add more depth and detail to your focal point–it will also take away the predictably of your color scheme.
  5. Throw pillows can make sentimental statements. I have gone through Etsy to order personalized pillows marked with me and my husband’s wedding date and initials. I even DIY’d a few initial name pillows to avoid crazy costs.

So there you have it! Justification as to why your home needs an overload of pillows. When shopping for home statement pieces, I usually check with Pottery Barn first to see if I can find lookalikes on Amazon and Target (Target has some great deals right now… see here). For my personalized pillows, I  go to Etsy or Pinterest for my DIY inspiration. Take a look below at my current faves, and more I have on my wishlist. Just don’t tell the hubs–haha!

Have an amazing week my friends!

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