Sweet Rebel and a Chicwish Come True sashaagent.comWhen you become a fashion blogger, the goal is to become an affiliate with your favorite brands. These companies will check your blog to make sure that the potential pair would make a great couple. There was one particular company that really evaluated my blog long and hard before they welcomed me to their family. Of course this was torture for a super motivated and kind of impatient person like myself. However, finally, my Chicwish came true!

Chicwish, is an online retailer known for their trendy and chic styles–literally any woman could find their style represented here. When I first checked out the site, I immediately had an online shopping cart full of goodies.

Here is one of my favorites–the flare check dress. This dress has girly girl written all over it. It’s flirty, classic, and makes a bold statement. When I wear this dress, I get a ton of compliments left and right. So in love!

Below you’ll notice that I’ve taken this look and simply layered outerwear to change the mood from sweet girly girl, to a bit of a rebel. The possibilities are endless…

If you decide to splurge a bit and it’s your first time indulging in this sweet treat, click here, or use the link below to receive 30% off!. All you have to do is sign up as a new user, follow Chicwish on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, and make sure that your order is over 60 dollars. Incredible right? I unfortunately missed this opportunity my first time, however, I would never deny such great savings for my followers… Happy shopping!



Meet the Sassy Flare Check Dress! <3

  Embellished booties… See similar here or here.
  J Crew distressed denim jacket, see similar here.
or here.  (This is an AMAZING deal by the way)Studded leather jacket by Zara… See similar here.  and here
You’ll never guess the price of these 90s style shades<3 <3 <3
  Thank you so much for your support! <3

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