Blogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dress

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Long Sleeve Side Ruched Maternity Dress

Long Sleeve Side Ruched Dress

Blogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dressPregnancy Style and Bump-Date

This mama is feeling a lot better. With both of my pregnancies, my nausea, food aversions and low energy was long gone by the second trimester. However, with this pregnancy, I haven’t been so lucky. Even over the Christmas break, I was dealing with morning sickness, food aversions, super low energy, headaches and a horrible toothache! Recently, my energy seems to be creeping back up, I’m not being super picky on what to eat, nausea may only come in waves a couple of times a week, and I finally fixed my tooth problem which has also helped reduce the headaches. Finally, things are looking promising!

Not Trading in the Chic

So I’m pretty much feeling like a seasoned vet when it comes to this whole pregnancy thing. However, this time around, especially now that I’m blogging, I’m learning that styleBlogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dress doesn’t have to be compromised. With that being said, you would think comfort would then have to be sacrificed, but that’s not the case either.

Like I explained before on my last maternity post, I am obsessed with Pink Blush and love how they incorporate the current chic trends for women, yet still take comfort into account. Today’s Pink Blush find is a chic olive dress (see the non-maternity version here) with a ruched/gathered side to either dress up your bump, or just add a little bit of pizzazz. This dress comes in multiple colors for multiple seasons, and best of all, it’s soooooo comfortable, soft and stretchy. This dress looks amazing alone or layered with an accent piece.

How I Wore It

Take a look at my looks below for inspiration. I’ve paired this chic look with an oversized faux style vest, over the knee boots (my defaults this season) and dramatic chandelier earrings. This dress is also just as stunning by itself! Remember… Pink Blush is not only all about the pregnant mamas, they’re really just about making women feel beautiful. They’ve got something for everyone, so check them out! I will also be hosting a Pink Blush $75 gift card giveaway today around noon, so be on standby via Instagram for the launch of that contest (@snafierce)!

Happy Friday!

Blogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dressBlogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dressBlogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dressBlogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dressBlogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dressBlogger Sasha Agent in chic ruched maternity dress

6 comments on “Bumpdate and Turning Simple to Chic with Pink Blush”

  1. I’m a few weeks behind you (19 weeks) and holding on dearly to my non-maternity clothing. I have had to cave and buy new pants and a few shirts. This PinkBlush is everything that I need in my life. I can’t wait to check out this giveaway!

  2. 19 weeks tomorrow. And I’ve felt like the frumpiest pregnant woman ever. I’ve been curious about pink blush. Where is your vest and boots from?

    • For sure you will love Pink Blush! My boots are Steve Madden and vest is Zappos. Congratulations on your pregnancy mama! Enter the IG contest, you never know, you can possibly try out this company for free!

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