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Blah, Blah, Meh

For some reason, every winter my wardrobe turns to blah–desperately lacking color! It’s even evident on my Instagram feed. Other than my pop of reds from Christmas, you can sort of see the color fade away for the winter.

Saying NO to Segregation

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wardrobe choices, but it’s like the color gets sucked right out of my closet! And yes, it does have a lot to do with the fact that companies tend to focus on the neutrals for the winter, and release their ‘colored’ clothes in the spring and summer. But hey… let’s not segregate our seasons here! And who’s to say colors have to be muted in the winter? Well, I’m ready for a change… I need a pop of color in my life, or at least on my Instagram feed. Ha!

My Color Fix

Color Fix Sasha AgentToday’s dress was another PinkBlush find! Hey, I know this is my second PinkBlush post this week, but they have killer deals, and I wanted to share my looks before it was too late! Like stated in my last blog post, PinkBlush is a company that started off as a maternity boutique, and is known for their chic maternity clothes, however, PinkBlush maternity is now offering the latest trends for all women! Not only are their looks chic, but they’re also made beautifully and with comfort in mind for us busy women. The best part of all, these clothes are affordable. For my mamas who are pregnant or in that transition period, PinkBlush’s trendy maternity clothes, and even their women’s line, will suit you perfectly.Today’s gorgeous floral draped maxi dress, (here it is as a cute maternity dress) was the perfect pop of color I needed to give me my color fix!

PinkBlush also offers 15% off for all new customers, so enjoy! Click here and here for more of my PinkBlush finds!

Color Fix Sasha AgentColor Fix Sasha AgentColor Fix Sasha Agent
Color Fix Sasha AgentColor Fix Sasha AgentColor Fix Sasha Agent
PinkBlush Sasha AgentToday I’ll be hosting a PinkBlush $75 gift card giveaway on my Instagram account, so be sure to stay tuned!

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