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Travel Style: Hittin’ the Beach with Tobi

Travel: The Road Trip Tee and SheIn

Road Trips Ain’t Easy

Hey everyone! We are officially back from our vacation, and boy are we spent! Traveling (road tripping) and vacationing with a 2 month old and toddler is tough work. And I swear, if it wasn’t for my oldest daughter Sisi, the husband and I would be a hot mess! We decided to head out to Galveston, Texas (the  (more…)

A Tropical Vacation… Well the Next Best Thing

Sasha Agent wearing tropical cami dress with tassel earringsTropical’ish Vacation?

Typically my husband and I are able to do something fun for our girls during the summer. Even when our budget is tight, we try to do something special as far as traveling. This summer is a bit different… For one, we have a new addition to our family. Some of you may know that traveling long distances with new babies can be quite fun right? Not to mention having to pack a million and one things, being trapped on an airplane, or the inconvenience of not having your everyday items at your disposal. I’m stressed just thinking about it! I’ve been there done that, and now know better. Instead of the stress, we’re heading (more…)

Travel Diaries: Grand Canyon & New Mexico

Blogger Sasha Agent wearing maxi dress at Grand Canyon

Blogger Sasha Agent and husband re-stating vows at Grand Canyon for anniversary The Grandest of Them All

One of my goals in life is to visit all of the famous national parks in the United States. The summer before last was Yosemite, and this summer it was all about the Grand Canyon. I’ve heard that this natural wonder of the world is one that you must see with your own eyes, and that pictures don’t do it justice–I found this to be 100% true.


Reunited at the Grand Canyon

We always try to meet up with my sisters and family at least once a year. This time, we made a plan to meet at the Grand Canyon. We stayed on the amazing KOA Williams campgrounds in a luxury cabin (I’ve got the deets on this spot coming soon).

So you most likely saw part one to this road trip, where we started our journey in West Texas and continued on to Albuquerque, New Mexico. On this part of the trip, we picked up in New Mexico, and hiked up a volcano and ice cave. We finally made it over to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, which is where my husband and I restated our vows at sunset for our four-year anniversary. The next day, we went rafting inside of the Canyon, off the Colorado River. With the kids, we got to experience a fun safari style car ride at Bearizona with bears and wolves. And finally, on the way back to Texas, we stopped for a quick swim in the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico (click here for the Snapchat videos to these experiences).

Travel Style

Be sure to watch today’s Snapchat diaries so you can get a glimpse of our amazing experience. And… I’ll never leave you hangin’ without style tips. See my pictures below for a little vaca style! You can scroll my ‘Shop the Post’ widget for direct links!

Happy Monday!

Road Trip Diaries Part 2

Blogger Sasha Agent wearing bohemian sun dress in New Mexico Leaving Albuquerque, New MexicoBlogger Sasha Agent and husband re-stating vows at Grand Canyon for anniversary Re-reading our vows for our 4th year AnniversarySouth Rim Grand CanyonBlogger Sasha Agent wearing maxi dress at Grand CanyonBlogger Sasha Agent Fitness Grand CanyonBlogger Sasha Agent wearing distressed jeans at Grand CanyonSasha Agent wearing bohemian sun dress in ArizonaBoarder of Arizona and New MexicoBlogger Sasha Agent wearing black one piece bathing suit Blue Hole Santa RosaBlue Hole Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Blogger Sasha Agent's daughters wearing Target brands in Santa Rosa
Blogger Sasha Agent wearing maxi dress at Grand CanyonThank you for stopping by!

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Road Trip Diaries: From West Texas to Albuquerque

Sasha Agent | Wearing dress with pockets | Texas Road trip

Blogger Sasha Agent with husband | Tie necklaceThe Ultimate Family Road Trip

At the start of July, the family and I took a road trip through the southwest. I was actually dreading the thought of traveling with a jam-packed car–in addition to a potty training toddler.  But it all turned out to be pretty amazing. I felt way less stressed in the privacy of our own car, as opposed to a public and cramped airplane. Plus, our bonding time was priceless. Our final destination was the South Rim of the Grand Canyon–we were scheduled to meet up with my sisters and their families from my hometown of Sacramento. However, leading up to that, we had plenty of time to explore and enjoy both West Texas and Albuquerque, New Mexico. My husband has an Aunt and Uncle with a breath-taking ranch in West, Texas. Our girls got the opportunity to sample that ranch life for a bit–it was pretty amazing. Albuquerque just seemed to be a nice central point in between West Texas and the Grand Canyon–so we stayed the night, and even got to enjoy a local outdoor jazz concert.

Snapchat Moments Part 1

blogger Sasha Agent with daughter on road tripThere’s no way that I can capture every moment with pictures, but I can give you about 3 minutes worth of Snapchat moments to give you a glimpse into our amazing experience. Of course I can’t leave you hanging without letting you in on my style secrets! Below you will find my favorite pictures, as well as the links to these outfits!

Hope you enjoy!

Road Trip Diaries Part 1

Blogger Sasha Agent |boho| road tripWest TexasBlogger Sasha Agent |boho| road tripBlogger Sasha Agent |boho| road tripBlogger Sasha Agent |road trip styleSanta Rosa, New MexicoAlbuquerque, New MexicoBlogger Sasha Agent | road trip styleBlogger Sasha Agent |boho| road trip

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