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The Declaration of National Fringe Week! The Fringe Skirt by Elle Lain

National Fringe Week: The Fringe Skirt by Elle LainThat’s right! I’m officially declaring this week National Fringe Week! Okay, maybe not so official, but in my own little world, it’s official. Lately I’ve found that fringe is everywhere! It’s the fall must have! No longer is it a statement of western wear–It’s now flirty, sexy, street, and chic! So this week, I will be featuring all of my favorite fringe finds.

Elle Lain My first feature is my favorite, which is why it’s up first. Last week I introduced a new line recently brought to the Dallas market by the name of Elle Lain. Here in few months, this pop up shop will prepare to take the online retail world by storm. Currently, Elle Lain is available ‘in store,’ in Richardson, Texas. If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you have to check out this pop up shop!

National Fringe Week: The Fringe Skirt by Elle Lain
Back to my feature… Meet my new bestie. I fell for this gorgeous little number (fringe skirt) while attending the opening of Elle Lain. However, before I became too attached, I immediately took notice of its length. I’m 5’4″–so I’m pretty short, and I figured I’d look ridiculous. Owner of Elle Lain, Lauren Williams, was positive I was crazy in the head, and convinced me to try it on. So I did, and I was officially attached. There I stood in the dressing room combing my fingers through the incredibly soft fringe, and twirling like a five-year old. I felt amazing, and never wanted to take it off.

National Fringe Week: The Fringe Skirt by Elle LainNow, there are other versions of this fringe skirt, however; the Elle Lain skirt is unique in that it has two layers of fringe adding more beauty, texture, and depth. The best thing about this skirt is its affordable price. Again, you’ve got to check out the Elle Lain pop up shop. And stay tuned for the online store!

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Love this classic wrap turtleneck crop top! It’s perfect when pairing with high waisted bottoms. And… it’s only 12.90!

If you follow my Instagram, you would know that I literally just purchased these GORGEOUS peep toe booties by Kristin Cavallari (Chinese Laundry). These are by far my favorite pair of shoes! I just may need to get them in black too. Here are other options as well…

Drumroll please! The grand finale… The fringe skirt by Elle Lain! Stunning right?


Denim is the New Art

Denim is the new art www.sashaagent.comThis week I’ve introduced you to an up and coming stylist named Lauren Williams, owner of the new line, Elle Lain. Like I mentioned before, Lauren has always had an eye for fashion–and I know this because I used to literally drool over her outfits during our common Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader days. Now that she has launched her own personal clothing line–guess who has been waiting anxiously first in line? Yep! That would be me!

The look of Elle Lain is a whole lot of classic, a little bohemian, and even a bit of street–which pretty much sums up my favorite looks.  Her little bit of street is reflected by her fabulous denim line.

Denim is the new art www.sashaagent.comWhen I say denim is the new art, I mean this literally. Lauren has reinvented the wheel, and is using recycled/vintage denim as her canvas. Lauren purchases vintage denim from the Salvation Army, hand paints and distresses them–creating a one of a kind, can’t buy this anywhere, kind of look. The woman is brilliant! In the past I have splashed painted denim with white paint, but never did I think to actually create art using painted strokes. Genius!
Denim is the new art www.sashaagent.comThe funny thing is that the day before Lauren’s launch party, I purchased a pair of vintage cutoff shorts from a Goodwill store. Lauren gave me a quick tutorial on how to distress like a pro, so I’m currently working on my very own pair. I now completely understand why distressed denim is so expensive–it’s very time consuming and strategic!

Lauren also hopes to join forces with the Salvation Army, and is giving back a percentage of the denim purchases.  So if you purchase from her Richardson, Texas location, or her upcoming online store; you will not only help yourself to a cool and unique look, but you will also help someone in need. Love it!

You go Lauren!

@shopellelain Ellelain

For my Dallas locals, don’t forget to shop Elle Lain in Richardson, Texas at Dallas’ number
gift shop, Beaucoup. Also follow Elle Lain on Twitter and Instagram  @shopellelain.

My Fall Crush… Fall CrushEvery hard working woman deserves to have a wish list. I’m currently crushing on this chic, yet edgy fall #ootd. It’s perfect for the girl who dares to be edgy, but still wants to remain classic.

Now, there is just no way that I could afford some of these items. The glasses and hat will for sure have to be copy cats–they’re super expensive! I’m a teacher, but even if I was rollin’ in cash, I still don’t think I could ever convince myself to pay that much for accessories. Plus, I’m pretty sure my two year old would find a way to break the glasses and rip the pom pom off the beanie. As for the rest of the items… Maybe next payday. Sigh…

SheIn(sheinside) Army Green Lapel Pockets Loose Trench Coat
Black Cashmere and Fur Pom Pom Beanie
River Island Black super ripped Molly jeggings
Fringe Benefit Black Fringe Heels
Pre-owned Ralph Lauren Lauren Indian Cove Convertible Leather Handbag Black Tote
Fendi Cat-eye acetate sunglasses

Trade Day Adventures: My August Finds

IMG_7642There’s something so exciting about searching for treasures at flea markets. I discovered the Trade Days, or “Third Monday” flea market in McKinney a few years after living in Texas. It’s not your typical flea market, here you’ll find antiques, DIY projects and rustic furniture–my kind of place for home decor. The outdoor party that I will be hosting soon is sneaking up quickly, and I have a ton of things to buy. My goal is to find multiple old windows to create wall art for my shabby living room, and something green to match my party and make it just a little bit more chic.

Although it was extremely hot, almost unbearable hot, it was so worth it! Check out my pictures below to see my finds.



IMG_7618First stop… We had to get our puppy fix!IMG_7619The hubs said no on puppy number 3. IMG_7644

IMG_7614Window shopping… Literally! Ha

IMG_7612 Trade days Aug 3

I found my, ‘something chic,’ for my upcoming outdoor summer party. They’re called Kokedama Spider Succulent Balls by Cactus Momma. Kokedama is a Japanese art form that has soil and moss used as a container for a plant. So neat! To see more of this amazing woman’s work, click here! Check her out on Facebook, and don’t forget to like!
IMG_7596Time for a snack! Tater Twisters!IMG_7607Can’t leave without fresh fruits and veggies!Trade days Aug 1

What I came home with… <3

IMG_7639An old antique door to lean against my wall of windows.IMG_7631

Another window to add to my wall art.Trade days Aug 3And my ‘Succulent Cactus Balls’ by Cactus Momma.