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Surprise! Shop my Top 10 Shopbop Sale Finds!


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 Love a Good Sale!

Now that I’m sort of an official blogger–well kind of… Ha! I receive notifications when a big sale is going on. So can you say, 40% off? I love a good sale–especially when it’s at Shopbop. Normally, the things I’m drawn to the most at this designer online retailer are not in my budget–however, when they have a sale, I really try to take the opportunity to treat myself.

With summer being just around the corner, I’m trying to prep for vacations, those summer pool parties, and even the weddings I will be attending. See my lookbook below to shop my top 10 sale finds! This Shopbop sale does not require a discount code, however, it’s only 3 days, so take advantage and stock up on your summer goods!

Happy Hump Day!

My Top 10 Shopbop Sale Finds

Shop my look below…

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: What She Really Wants


Redbook Style Awards

Mother's Day Gift Guide: What She Really Wants Sasha Agent

It’s Almost Mother’s Day

Mother, mom, mommy, mum, madre, mama–these names just may be the most powerful titles of all–and I’m sure we can all agree that a loving mother is one of the greatest gifts a person can receive.

When Mother’s day approaches, I’m Mother's Day Gift Guide: What She Really Wants Sasha Agentliterally so busy with, well… being a mom, so much that I forget to think of thoughtful gifts my mom may want, and for sure fail to drop those hints to the hubs about what I’m wanting. Now that I’ve got my blogging game together–I’ll be emailing this to my husband (hehe), and putting this out there for my followers to make sure mama gets what she wants and what she deserves!

My Faves

Now that I’ve become a serious fashion blogger, I feel like I’m more familiar with the current trends. One of my favorite places to shop now is Nordstrom, simply because they offer the trusted labels that I love such as, Topshop, Steve Madden, JOA, ASTR, Free People, and so much more! Nordstrom really just makes life a bit easier for me because it’s my one stop shop for shoes, accessories, clothes, and even gift cards.

Take a look at my Mother’s Day lookbook below to see what she really wants for her special day. Don’t forget to shower your mama, wife, sister, grandmother, fur mama (whoever) with love and food (ha!) for Mother’s Day!

Happy shopping and enjoy your Mother’s Day!

My Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Sale Alert: Spring Sales are Happening Right Now!

Spring sales are happening right now from some of your favorite stores–this is a great opportunity to add some brightness to your wardrobe. My recent mission has been to rid my closet of my muted Fall and Winter pieces, and replace them with bright splashes of color!

Shop my posts below for pieces I’ve been checkin’ out from my favorite spots!

Happy Shopping! And please remember to vote throughout the week for the Redbook Style Awards! For the look above, check out this blog post!

Have a beautiful weekend!


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Color Popping and Sale Alert

Color Popping and Sale Alert by Sasha Agent

Just a Pop of Color

Ahhh.. Don’t you just love seeing pops of color? With Spring here, and Summer just around the corner, I have been obsessed with all of the colors on my computer screen–notice I said computer screen and not my closet–Ha! The hubs has me on a tight blogger budget–but let’s just say I may do a little splurging for Shopbop’s Friends and Family sale going on right now!. Shopbop is incredible because on one site, you’ll find an endless amount of brands, and a nice price spectrum. I don’t know about you, but when I shop, one of the first filters I turn on is the, “Price: Low to High.”

Color Popping and Sale Alert by Sasha AgentShop Til’ You Drop!

Below you can shop what I am currently lusting over from Shopbop. I tried to find Spring and Summer savvy pieces that will have you popping with color!

To take advantage of this rare sale use the following code: INTHEFAM to receive 25% off full price and sale items! Crazy right? Oh yeah… this sale just started today and it ends April 7th!

Happy shopping loves!

Today’s Look…

My Shopbop Faves

Hangin’ in Denton #DTay Style

Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comSo Who is DTay?

Although she would never admit it, Mrs. Taylor is a style goddess. I’m not quite sure if she realizes just how obsessed I am with her style, but I’m hoping after today’s post she’ll see how amazing she is.

More than a History Lesson

Mrs. Taylor is a U.S. History teacher at the middle school I work at, and a few years back I had the privilege of co-teaching with her. It’s sort of funny because I happened to learn more than just historical facts–I learned a lot about styling, and discovered my love for bohemian and rustic styles.

Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comMrs. Taylor or DTay, is a pro when it comes to styling bohemian wear and can wear the heck out of some cowboy boots without ever overdoing it.  She brilliantly adds other styles into the mix as well, all while staying true to herself. She can also layer like no other! She layers statement jewelry such as, silver bangles and necklaces effortlessly. She will also pair clothing with pieces you would never expect to work together.

Denton Square

Over our rainy Spring Break, DTay invited my mom and I to her beautiful farm house styled home (which is to die for) located right outside of Denton, TX. She had planned to take us to Downtown Denton to check out some of her favorite shops–score!

Taylor mainly shops one of a kind pieces, but you can shop my post below for #DTayStyle inspired pieces.

See my pictures and quick Snapchat video below to see what we found!  I will definitely be returning to Denton for the days I want to channel my inner #DTayStyle. If you’re a Dallas local, come out and shop Denton Square–you’ll love it!

Thank you DTay!

Sasha Agent

Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comJust some of the many DTay styles. Take a close look at how she layers her beautiful silver jewelry pieces.
Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style  First stop… Sleeping Lizzards. This place is a bit more than just your average gift shop. In fact, this store is loaded with the most beautiful and affordable costume jewelry. If you click here, you’ll find the fringe earrings DTay bought me as a Christmas gift–they’re one of my faves, and were purchased from this store. If you’re not a Dallas local, you can click here for similar looks.Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comWe’ve all heard of Build a Bear, check out, Build a Necklace! The first necklace bar I’ve ever seen! <3 <3
Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comHangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comSome arm candy I found for an amazing price of $25 bucks! If you’re not a local, I found something similar here and here.
Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style  Mrs. Taylor found these copper earrings for $6 dollars (see similar here), scroll up to the top to see how she wore them! She’s brilliantly layered them with dainty pearl earrings. See similar looks here and here as well!Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comIf you watch the short Snapchat video above, you’ll see it was love at first sight when I found this necklace at Sleeping Lizzards. Loving these blue stones! Click here for a similar look!Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comCoffee stop at the West Oak Coffee Bar on the Square!
Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style Cool wall alert! Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comWe also made a stop at another amazing shop known as Circa Vintage 77, a vintage clothing store that will even rent out high end vintage dresses. I was channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw! I found a similar look here.Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comThis dress is to die for! Click here to contact them about renting or purchasing this dress, or click here for a similar look.

Shop today’s looks and #DTayStyle inspired looks below!