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A Day at the Zoo, Breastfeeding, and the Milk Boss

Sasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom Blog

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Sasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom Blog

Proud Mama

I did it you guys… I braved it out yesterday with getting our new family of five to the zoo. I think for the first time ever I was actually prepared for a family outing. In the past, I’ve always forgotten something, or screwed something up somehow. However this time, and probably because the stakes were high with our new baby, I actually packed the night before and felt super prepared. 

Smooth Sailing

Once we got to the zoo, I felt pretty good. The baby wasn’t screaming in her car seat, Tay Sasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom Blogwasn’t whining, and Sisi wasn’t pouting. So far so good! Even better, Jaelyn slept for the first 45 mins, so I got to enjoy a little time with Tay and Sisi before all my time was geared towards the baby. Once Jaelyn was ready to eat, I didn’t want to keep the family from exploring, so I figured, what the heck… let’s whip out the good ol’ milk boss breastfeeding cover Sasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom Blogand put it to use. 

4 In One

The Itzy Ritzy Mom Boss Nursing Cover is a 4 in 1 nursing scarf that can also be used as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and a fashionable scarf. I would say by far, this is one of the best baby inventions ever! It actually kind of makes me think, why didn’t I think of this?! 

I’ve Got 99 Problems, But Breastfeeding Isn’t One

As we walked and explored, I did something I was never brave or comfortable enough to do Sasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom Blogwith Sisi or Tay… I was able to multi-task–breastfeeding while walking. I felt pretty unstoppable. Ha! 

Milk Boss- Mom Boss

I left the zoo feeling pretty amazed at how resilient and strong mothers are. In addition to feeling pretty dang cool, I also felt good in my zoo ready OOTD (outfit of the day). Check out my Shop the Post below for direct links to my comfy, yet chic look featuring a Brigitte Bailey button up dress,  a dress less than 35 bucks, nude fringe wrap up sandals at an amazing price, in addition to the infamous Milk Boss nursing cover. 

Happy Wednesday sweet friends! 

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Sasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom BlogSasha Agent | Milk Boss | Breastfeeding | Mom Blog

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Mom’ing: From Day Chic to Mom Chic

Sasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dress

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Sasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dressShopping Fantasies

When I come across a must have piece, I immediately imagine myself in the most uncomfortable, non-mom shoes–which then ruins the whole moment. Yet, in reality, just because you’re mom’ing, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eliminate all of those amazing outfitSasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dresss you fantasize about.. 

Mom Chic

Last week I fell in love with a beautiful drop waist ruffle dress by English Factory from Shopbop, perfect for the summer. When it arrived, I thought, well how am I supposed to wear this if I can’t really wear heels most days?

Sasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dress

Shoe Change

I first tried paring this gorgeous number with a very light weight pair of white sneakers–which worked like a charm. Next I tried my baby blue Keds, Kate Spade edition, and instantly fell in love. I then realized that this dress would work great with nude flats, which worked beautifully. Next, I felt a little more brave, and tried out some good ol’ wedges–I honestly find wedges toSasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dress be the most comfy just because they take pressure off of my heels. I suffer from an off and on case of plantar fasciitis, so I tend to do better with a little height. Finally, my last look is definitely the ideal look for this dress… hair up, a basket purse (see my last post on the picnic basket trend here), blush sunnies and pastel colored heels. Now with this look, I wouldn’t be caught trying to keep up with my kiddos–no ma’am! 

I believe that it’s super important to wear what you want–but the reality is that some of us still have to get our mom on. While mom’ing around, simply adapt to your kids by changing up your shoes!

Check out my pics below to see how I took this dress from chic, to mom chic! You can shop this post below for this gorgeous dress, and all of my featured shoes.

Now go ahead and get you mom chic on!

Happy Monday loves! 

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Sasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dressSasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dress Sasha Agent| mom chic| mom blog| drop waist dressSasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dress
Sasha Agent| mom chic | mom blog| drop waist dress

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Mom Life: Perfect Timing for a Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Heirloom NecklacePerfect Timing

A couple of weeks ago, my third daughter Jaelyn was born. Since her birth, I have felt this sense of completeness and wholeness with my family. It’s funny how you can become caught off guard with something unplanned or unexpected, and then in the end, understand how everything was perfectly orchestrated by God. 

Mother's Day | Sasha Agent

Mother’s Day: Three’s A Charm

Rather than allowing the hubs to surprise me with a gift for Mother’s Day, I went ahead and took matters into my own hands–ha! I found an heirloom brass necklace sold on Restoration Hardware’s website. You can customize your necklace the way you want with the option of three different circular sizes. I selected the large circle for my oldest daughter Sianna, an oval for my middleMother's Day Heirloom Necklace daughter Taytem, and the small circle for our newest addition, Jaelyn. Each circle is engraved with their name and birthday–it’s the perfect keepsake piece that I can hold onto and even pass down to each of my girls. I plan on wearing this beautiful piece daily, and it will make its first appearance this Mother’s Day–my first Mother’s Day with all of my babies!

Sale Alert

If you’re looking for the perfect affordable accessory, or a way to spoil a mom in your world, check out Target’s new line, SUGARFIX By BaubleBar. Target is currently holding a Mother’s Day sale on the entire SUGARFIX By BaubleBar line until the 13th of May.

SUGARFIX by BaubleBar™

Speaking of this special day, take a look at this touching video by Chicco expressing the power of the working mom. 

Chicco “Performance Review” | Never Stop Growing

by ChiccoUSA

Take a look at the links below for each timeless piece! Each charm and chain is available in both brass and silver. 

To all my mamas out there, happy Mother’s Day!

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Heirloom Necklace//Restoration Hardware Baby and Child

Mother's Day Heirloom Necklace

SUGARFIX by BaubleBar™

Mother's Day gifts

Mother's Day gifts

Not Prepared and The Perfect Pink Bomber

Motherhood| Pink bomber jacket

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Pink Bomber jacket//SheIn

Tulle Dress//bumpNbeyond

Motherhood| Pink bomber jacketWhy Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?!

Okay, so here I was thinking that I’ve been experiencing the typical life as a mom of two, but I was absolutely wrong! After day two in the hospital, things got real–and when it rains, it pours right? Day two in the hospital was a bit brutal. The pain and recovery after a c-section is already rough in itself, however, both of my girls had school, which was great, plus I figured they’d be better off continuing their normal activities. My mom was also wonderful with keeping them overnight so we didn’t have this crazy family of five setting’ up shop in a hospital room. Over the weekend, however, was when things got real. First, my oldest had to get ready for a dance competition we had been anticipating for months. There are certain things that only mothers know how to handle, so I had to find a way to get her hair and makeup done before the big show. Luckily, IKids fashion | Motherhood  had her teammate’s mom to help with more makeup details. While I was getting her makeup together, I picked up on something different from my three year old, Taytem. She seemed louder than usual, whiny, irritable, and just down right cray cray! In the midst of the stress, I sort of overlooked it and continued on with getting my oldest ready.
Motherhood| Pink bomber jacket| Kids fashionThe next morning we had another obstacle; recital pictures at Taytem’s dance studio. My
hubby picked Tay up from my moms’ house and brought her to me for hair and makeup. Not only were things crazy, but Taytem was for sure acting differently again. She was singing really loud, not listening, and again–just a mess! Haha! My question is, why didn’t anyone tell me about this transition? I didn’t realize the jealousy thing kicked in pretty much immediately.  I assumed there would be some type of honeymoon period at least. Also since we’ve been home, it’s been even worse.

Motherhood| Pink bomber jacketPrior to Jaelyn’s birth, I took Tay out to shoot her in a dress that was way over due for blog pics. I think I’ll forever cherish these photos, knowing it was the last time we captured our last moment as life before her little sis.

The Perfect Bomber

This week I’m all about this pink blush colored bomber jacket from SheIn. I’ve been looking for the perfect spring lightweight jacket–preferably a bomber, to wear casually around town. What I love about this bomber is that it’s very well made and it is the perfect shade of pink–still a neutral. I managed to squeeze my 39 week pregnant self into a basic SheIn tank dress with both sneakers and blush heels–and yes, I immediately removed the heels after the shoot. As you can see, Tay and I were all about the street style look this week. She sported her black hand made tulle dress from the amazing bumpNbeyond via Etsy with Converse high top sneakers.

So, if you’re a first time mama and thinking about having another little one in the future, let me be the one to tell you that having two little ones, even as far as three years apart, will be adventurous–but of course, not impossible. Just be prepared for things to change a bit, but eventually, for the better in the long run. As for me and baby Jae, we’ll be catching up on our beauty sleep and prepare for our first adventures together!

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes!

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Pink Bomber jacket//SheIn

Tulle Dress//bumpNbeyond

Motherhood| Pink bomber jacketMotherhood| Pink bomber jacketMotherhood| Pink bomber jacketMotherhood| | Kids fashionMotherhood| Pink bomber jacket | Kids fashionMotherhood| Pink bomber jacketMotherhood| Pink bomber jacket

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Pink Bomber jacket//SheIn

Tulle Dress//bumpNbeyond


How to Transition from Mom Chic to Just Chic

Dallas blogger Sasha Agent | How to | Mom Chic

Today’s Looks

Dallas blogger Sasha Agent | How to | Mom Chic

Chic Mom Style

Alright, let’s get real… when I’m mom’ing around, you won’t find me in heels. And don’t get me wrong, I love heels, but I’m not trying to chase my toddler around in them–trust me, I’ve tried before and it wasn’t very pretty. Most people think that this means moms must kiss their chic styles goodbye. This is so not the case. This simply means that you must step up your shoe game!

My Chic Mom Trick

So here’s the mom trick–it’s super easy. If you have a show stopping OOTD, try finding a chic pair of sneakers to compliment your outfit. These days it’s so easy to find glamorous tennis. Dallas blogger Sasha Agent | How to | Mom ChicI found a beautiful pair of J. Crew exclusive New Balance sneakers with gold accents a while back, and I still have a shoe crush! The white with gold is neutral enough to go with a lot of chic wardrobe pieces. If you really dig deep on the blog, you’ll see that I’ve even worn these sneakers with skirts–they’re the best!

Now let’s fast forward a bit. A lot of times, especially on the weekends, my husband and I will run errands, or we will do something with the girls, and then find ourselves available for a spontaneous date night. I don’t always have the time for a quick change, but a change of shoes, I can do! This is when it’s time to break out the heels ladies!

Dallas blogger Sasha Agent | How to | Mom ChicWhat I Wore

Today’s OOTD is another cold shoulder beauty. I just can’t seem to pass these pieces up! I found this beautiful Missguided Cold Shoulder Sweater Dress top/tunic/dress (it works all three ways). It’s not a maternity piece, but I sized up specifically for my growing bump. I paired this top with an old pair of patch work denim from Old Navy, but click here and here for similar looks. As far as shoes, a chic pair of pointed nude heels (mine are BCBGeneration BG Throne Pumps) and my tan suede booties by Chinese Laundry definitely spiced up this OOTD even more.

See below for today’s outfit deets! Enjoy the rest of your week my friends!

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Dallas blogger Sasha Agent | How to | Mom ChicDallas blogger Sasha Agent | How to | Mom ChicDallas blogger Sasha Agent | How to | Mom ChicDallas blogger Sasha Agent | How to | Mom ChicDallas blogger Sasha Agent | How to | Mom Chic

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