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“Check it Out!” Sassy Pop Featuring Cotton Castle Kids

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It’s Been a While, I Know… Check it Out! Sassy Pop Cotton Castle Kids

Hey Everyone! Sassy Pop here! I’m so sorry it’s been forever, but I’ve been kind of… hiding out! You see, I sort of had some hair drama. My mom wrote all about it, so feel free to read–but, I’m being positive and I’m ready to rock–so “check it out!”

Kids Want to Look Cool Too!

Today I showing off my new #outfitoftheday featuring my new favorite Texas boutique,IMG_1239 Cotton Castle Kids! This store is so cool! I think some big people forget that kids want to look cool and stylish too! So Cotton Castle has a ton of cool looks for cool kids like me and my little sis.

Check it Out!

Check it Out! Sassy Pop Cotton Castle Kids sashaagent.comYou’ll see that I’m wearing the amazing Cotton Castle, “Under the Stars” wrap, or as I like to call it, my fringe poncho. This wrap is super cute and super chic! I love the black and white colors because you can wear it pretty much with every color! If you’re loving it, use my discount code, SASSYPOP15 for 15% off! What what?! I also have an Old Navy graphic tee that I got from Santa that says, “My Lucky T-Shirt.” As for the rest of my outfit, my jeans are from GAP, my black quilted boots, also Old Navy, my necklace and hat (Forever 21), so last year, but my mom will help you find similar looks below. And finally my bracelet… This cool turquoise cord bracelet is from another Texas jewelry boutique known as Emlishops!

If you click on my pictures below, my mom made it so you can shop my look, so enjoy!

Thank you for “Checkin’ me out!” And be sure to check out my Sassy Pop page and today’s YouTube video blog!



 Check it Out! Sassy Pop Cotton Castle Kids sashaagent.comUnder the Stars Wrap//Cotton Castle Kids    Don’t forget… If you’re loving it, use my discount code, SASSYPOP15 for 15% off!
Check it Out! Sassy Pop Cotton Castle Kids sashaagent.comSo in love…  Check it Out! Sassy Pop Cotton Castle Kids sashaagent.comGraphic T-Shirt//Old Navy  Cord Bracelet//Emlishops  Bib Necklace old (Forever 21)//See a great look here and here!  Black fedora hat old (Forever 21)//See similar here!
Check it Out! Sassy Pop Cotton Castle Kids sashaagent.comCheck out these deets! (details).  Check it Out! Sassy Pop Cotton Castle Kids Quilted Boots//Old Navy  Gray1969 Jeans//GAP

Cotton Castle Kids is All About that Tay Style

True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"

Meet Cotton Castle Kids!

Our little Taytee Bear has partnered up with Texas children’s clothing boutique, Cotton Castle Kids! This boutique is way more than your average kid clothing line. Everything you find is one of a kind and super stylish!

True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"True Story

Another thing I love about Cotton Castle Kids is how you can find a lot of Christian focused pieces, like Tay’s shirt which says, “True Story,” referencing the birth of Jesus on Christmas day. Talk about the perfect way to teach your kiddo the true meaning of Christmas, and who it’s really all about!

Check out Tay’s pictures below to see how I styled this look.

Tay Style

Cotton Castle Kids is offering 15% off for a month when you use coupon code, TAYSTYLE15. I guarantee you’ll love the pieces you find for your little loved ones.

Cant wait to show you how I styled my sweet Sassy Pop! Yep! A new Sassy Pop blog is coming soon!

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Merry Christmas!


Sasha,Taytee Bear & Cotton Castle Kids

Check out Tay’s Style…

True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"Tay says, “Come on mom! Let’s go shopping!” Ha! She’s really pulling me to dance–she loves to dance! True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"Love this top!   True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"“True story y’all!” True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"  True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"This faux fur pom pom beanie is actually mine, but it’s also perfect for my girls. Click here and here for more options!  I also found these awesome shoes in pink–they’re my favorite.True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"  True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"Absolutely obsessed with these patchwork skinny jeans from Old Navy, and click here for a killer ombre denim look, and here for a distressed look. I actually have the same pair, Ha! They’re perfect!  True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"  True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"These suspenders are adorable right? I got these from Zara Kids, but here is a super cheap set, giving you the same look!
True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"  True Story Christmas Top "Taystyle"Time to go shopping! Enjoy your holidays! XOXO