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Chicco NaturalFit Bottles: The Next Breast Thing

Sasha Agent Blog | Bottle Feeding Baby | Chicco NatualFitSasha Agent Blog | Bottle Breast Feeding Baby | Chicco NatualFitBreast is Best, But What’s Second?

All moms know that breastfeeding is the best for your little one, but this isn’t always so realistic for all moms. My question is, what’s the best back up to your breast, when your breast can’t always be with your baby? I know… sounds kind of funny.

I breastfed all of my girls–Sianna for 8 months, Taytem 14 months, and currently with Jaelyn, my goal is to keep her on breast milk for a year. With each baby, I had to still work after my maternity leave. And just like before, I will have to report back to work in the fall–so I definitely need to find a back up bottle that will be a great temporary replacement for me. 

The Next Breast Thing

Recently, I left home for the first time without the baby and had to pump my first bottle. My biggest concern was my little one experiencing some type of bottle rejection. Would the milk Sasha Agent Blog | Bottle Breast Feeding Baby | Chicco NatualFitcome out too quickly? Would she not like the feeling of it in her mouth? Luckily my husband sent me a lovely video to reassure that everyone was just fine. And I should’ve known… The company known as Chicco, (also known as the company I’ve trusted since my first time as a mama in 2007) asked me to try out their NaturalFit bottle system which mimics breastfeeding. This BPA free bottle system is available for every baby stage. The bottle that I have is the blue system, which is the slowest flowing bottle–perfect for newborns. This bottle also comes with an angled and straight nipple; the angled for more of a newborn style latch, and the straight nipple for the more experienced and customized latch for mom andSasha Agent Blog | Bottle Breast Feeding Baby | Chicco NatualFit baby. The nipple has a skin like texture, and is also wide enough to mimic breastfeeding–helping baby achieve that perfect latch. Another feature that allows me to feel a lot better is the anti-colic valves which prevents air from passing through the bottle. I also love that they brought back the old school glass bottles. Even though their plastic bottles are BPA free, I know some moms are against all plastic. To help with their new glass bottles, they also have an optional silicone sleeve to help with gripping and heat transfer. 

Back to Work Worry Free

Once I start working again in the fall, I’ll feel so much better knowing my baby girl won’t experience any frustration with nipple confusion or colic because of Chicco’s brilliant and perfected bottle system. I plan on purchasing even more of their bottle pieces as my Sasha Agent Blog | Bottle Breast Feeding Baby | Chicco NatualFitlittle girl matures throughout her first year.

See below for the links that will direct you to the Chicco products I’ve tested out. They also sent us a brilliant pacifier set with an adorable pacifier holder that is meant to entertain baby and keep the pacifier clean.

Check it all out for yourself!

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Chicco NaturalFit

Welcome Home Baby Jae and My Hospital Must Haves

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What a Week!

Last week was a whirlwind… not only did my older girls have just about everything going on in their lives, our little baby Jaelyn also made her debut! Of course right. And now that she’s here, I cannot imagine my world without her. I’ve fallen so deeply in love with this sweet baby girl, so much that I find myself gazing into her eyes while feeding her, or just watching her sleep and dream. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I know she’s my last, or what.  All I know is that I’m embracing each and every moment.

Unsure Times Three

This entire pregnancy has been a blur. At first I just felt unsure and even stressed out at times trying to figure out how my husband and I would  make all of this work–both financially and physically. I always pictured myself with two kids and felt confident that on two teacher salaries, we could offer the girls a descent quality of life. For the next two years (minus teacher vacations) we will be paying double daycare and trying to maintain keeping the older girls involved in extra curricular activities. Not only is this a beat down financially, but it’s also a beat down as far a time. The thought of all this stresses me out, especially knowing I’ve got a new baby to tote around.

Newborn baby must haves | Sasha Agent

Staying Positive

I do also know that, regardless of how much I stress out, God always seems to work things out. Rather than obsessing over finances and stressing over things that are out of our control, I know it’s best to simply pray about it and trust in the Lord. So, with knowing this… life is wonderful! We’ve got three healthy, beautiful girls, I made it through my surgery without any major problems, and I have an amazing husband here to support me and my girls along the way. Life is great!

Baby Jae

Our baby girl weighed in at 7 pounds 4 ounces, and was 19 inches long. She’s pretty much Newborn baby hospital essentials the mini me to her sister Taytem–and is absolutely perfect. Thank you again for all of the supportive messages, DMs, and for welcoming our sweet baby Jaelyn!

See the ‘Shop the Post’ links below for my favorite hospital must haves for your newborn! You’ll notice that Etsy especially has been my jam, however, Amazon and Pottery Barn Kids have also been key.

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Newborn baby must haves | Sasha Agent