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Statement Earrings and Street Style with Zaful

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Blogger Sasha Agent wearing bomber jacket and distressed jeans

Street Chic

So in love with street fashion right now… Every now and then I like to mix and match my casual and even tomboy styles with chic girly statements. Dressing down can actually be a sneaky way to dress up!

Chic it Up with Statement Earrings

When I get into my tomboy mood, I like to add a little contrast by wearing blinged out
statement earrings. I’m loving the whole return of the 1980s vintage bling looks. When you rock these vintage inspired statement earrings, you can literally dress up anything! Another way to dress up your casual/tomboy style… pointed pumps. Find yourself some pumps (no platform for extra chicness) and pair them up with your favorite button down, bomber jacket, or even t-shirt to dress up your casual OOTD!

Zaful is so Good…

Thank goodness for online retailers like Zaful who offer quality pieces, at super affordable prices. And if you’re like me, you tend to focus so much on the clothing and shoes that you neglect the whole jewelry topic–mainly because they’re just way too expensive! Well, check this out… you will never EVER guess how much these earrings costs… These floral statement earrings by Zaful were less than 3 bucks! Yep! You can make a bold statement for under 3 dollars! Crazy right? This is what I love so much  about Zaful. They have incredible deals that are just unheard of anywhere else!

The Shopping Experience

Last week I blogged about a Zaful bohemian dress and wrote a little about my shopping experience. Like I mentioned before, they are one of my favorite online retailers, and I’ve never been left disappointed. In case you missed my last post, Zaful sells on trend clothes at crazy affordable prices. WhileBlogger Sasha Agent wearing bomber jacket and statement earrings shopping on Zaful’s website, you’ll notice that it’s easy to navigate with everything clearly categorized. Their sizing guide is also super easy to use–I’ve never had any sizing issues. Whenever I order from Zaful, they package everything with great care, and they offer many options as far as expedited shipping.

See my pictures below for a little street chic inspiration! These statement earrings are simply amazing and will magically transform any outfit! For more Zaful statement earrings, click here! You can also see my faves here, here and here–all under 4 dollars!

Wishing you all an amazing week!

sashaagent.comBlogger Sasha Agent wearing button up with patches and statement earringsBlogger Sasha Agent wearing bomber jacket and distressed jeansBlogger Sasha Agent wearing button up with patches and distressed jeansBlogger Sasha Agent wearing bomber jacket and statement earrings

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Hangin’ in Denton #DTay Style

Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comSo Who is DTay?

Although she would never admit it, Mrs. Taylor is a style goddess. I’m not quite sure if she realizes just how obsessed I am with her style, but I’m hoping after today’s post she’ll see how amazing she is.

More than a History Lesson

Mrs. Taylor is a U.S. History teacher at the middle school I work at, and a few years back I had the privilege of co-teaching with her. It’s sort of funny because I happened to learn more than just historical facts–I learned a lot about styling, and discovered my love for bohemian and rustic styles.

Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comMrs. Taylor or DTay, is a pro when it comes to styling bohemian wear and can wear the heck out of some cowboy boots without ever overdoing it.  She brilliantly adds other styles into the mix as well, all while staying true to herself. She can also layer like no other! She layers statement jewelry such as, silver bangles and necklaces effortlessly. She will also pair clothing with pieces you would never expect to work together.

Denton Square

Over our rainy Spring Break, DTay invited my mom and I to her beautiful farm house styled home (which is to die for) located right outside of Denton, TX. She had planned to take us to Downtown Denton to check out some of her favorite shops–score!

Taylor mainly shops one of a kind pieces, but you can shop my post below for #DTayStyle inspired pieces.

See my pictures and quick Snapchat video below to see what we found!  I will definitely be returning to Denton for the days I want to channel my inner #DTayStyle. If you’re a Dallas local, come out and shop Denton Square–you’ll love it!

Thank you DTay!

Sasha Agent

Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comJust some of the many DTay styles. Take a close look at how she layers her beautiful silver jewelry pieces.
Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style  First stop… Sleeping Lizzards. This place is a bit more than just your average gift shop. In fact, this store is loaded with the most beautiful and affordable costume jewelry. If you click here, you’ll find the fringe earrings DTay bought me as a Christmas gift–they’re one of my faves, and were purchased from this store. If you’re not a Dallas local, you can click here for similar looks.Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comWe’ve all heard of Build a Bear, check out, Build a Necklace! The first necklace bar I’ve ever seen! <3 <3
Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comHangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comSome arm candy I found for an amazing price of $25 bucks! If you’re not a local, I found something similar here and here.
Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style  Mrs. Taylor found these copper earrings for $6 dollars (see similar here), scroll up to the top to see how she wore them! She’s brilliantly layered them with dainty pearl earrings. See similar looks here and here as well!Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comIf you watch the short Snapchat video above, you’ll see it was love at first sight when I found this necklace at Sleeping Lizzards. Loving these blue stones! Click here for a similar look!Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comCoffee stop at the West Oak Coffee Bar on the Square!
Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style Cool wall alert! Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comWe also made a stop at another amazing shop known as Circa Vintage 77, a vintage clothing store that will even rent out high end vintage dresses. I was channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw! I found a similar look here.Hangin' in Denton #DTay Style www.sashaagent.comThis dress is to die for! Click here to contact them about renting or purchasing this dress, or click here for a similar look.

Shop today’s looks and #DTayStyle inspired looks below!

Quality Thrifting at Thred Up

Quality Thrifting at Thred Up

New Blogger Problems

I’m not gonna lie, it’s tough being a new blogger on a tight budget. The reality is, I’m building a brand, a business really–and with that comes a lot of out of pocket expenses. Established bloggers are receiving their products from companies, or getting paid to advertise on their sites, or both–but at some point they had to have started somewhere. Most likely that somewhere was out of their own pockets.

Let me tell ya now, my pockets ain’t deep! Ha! And although I do receive some items as gifts, most of what I blog about are things that I’ve purchased. I try to explain to my husband that it’s like starting a small business (I can just see him rolling his eyes now).

Thrifting for Quality

One way to help me build up my wardrobe, especially my handbag collection, is through a company known as Thred Up–an online consignment store that will blow your mind! I have an obsession for clutch purses, and through Thred Up, I found an amazing deal–a classic black leather Rebecca Minkoff clutch. The price was amazing, and on top of that, I received 40% off since it was my first purchase–it was a win win.

When it comes to purchasing quality pieces that won’t be going out of style, I’ll be making my way over to Thred Up!

Sasha Agent

Quality Thrifting at Thred UpRebecca Minkoff Clutch//Thred UpQuality Thrifting at Thred Up  Lace Shirt by Who What Wear//TargetQuality Thrifting at Thred UpDistressed Boyfriend Jeans//Shop this look here.    Quality Thrifting at Thred Up   My favorite heels this season… Fringe Heels//Steve Madden and Public Desire.Quality Thrifting at Thred Up   Shop this look below, and thank you for your endless support! XOXO

Crochet Me From Head to Toe

Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha Agent

Hippie Fever

I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I’ve recently been channeling my inner flower child. Lately, I’m all about the 1970s feels and vibes. I’m not sure if it’s just the cycle of trends going on right now, my obsession with my favorite mama blogger, Stately Velvet, or if it’s just my inner hippie trying to escape. Whatever it is, it seems that everything I’ve been featuring has had some sort of extra “flare” to it, a pussy bow, or a touch of bohemian fringe.

Crochet Me Please!

Today, I’m rockin’ the tablecloth look–covered in crochet from head to toe! This amazing crochet maxi dress by ZARA was a must have addition to my new hippie style. Now, I hate to blog about something I can’t link, but ZARA sold out of this dress super fast! However, not to worry, I’ve given you a lookalike option below.

What’s on My Head and Toes?

Last week, I featured some of my favorite boots wearing thisCrochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha Agent lovely dress, you can also see the video blog here. I dressed this look up by adding my favorite Native American fringe earrings (see similar here) from a local boutique in Denton, TX known as, Sleeping Lizards. These beauties were actually a gift from a sweet friend and coworker of mine. My friend had a pair for herself, and anytime I saw her wearing them, I would follow her by drooling in our school hallways. But can you blame me? They’re gorgeous right? They truly make this dress pop!

Over the spring break I plan on paying my sweet friend a visit–and she’s promised to take me on a tour of her favorite rustic/bohemian boutiques–she has AMAZING style! You know I’ll blog all about it!

Hope you all have an amazing week! Stay tuned for more 70s inspired looks!

Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentCheck out the amazing details on this dress by ZARA//Get a similar look here!
Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentOver the Knee Boots by Jeffrey Campbell and Free People//Click here for a similar pair.  Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentAlso featured last week… Sam Edelman Taylan Fringe Boots//Click here for this killer deal!
Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentCrochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentSuede Crossbody/Messenger Bag by Forever 21//Click here.
Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentCrochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentNative American inspired fringe earrings from Sleeping Lizards//Check out these amazing online finds here, here, here, and here!
Crochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentCrochet Me From Head to Toe Sasha AgentUntil we meet again! XOXO

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National Fringe Week Continues… My ‘Forever’ Fringe Finds

The Fringe ClutchHere’s an oldie but goodie. Back in early August I featured this genuine suede leather purse from Forever 21 in my, “The Fringe Clutch is a Must” piece. Recently you may have noticed Forever 21 stepping up their game by adding more quality of clothing and accessories to their stores. The crazy thing about this change is that they’re still keeping their super low and competitive prices!

The Forever 21 fringe clutch (now also available in black) is truly one of a kind. I love that it extends out and folds over–adding something different to the traditional flat clutch. Just like true and genuine suede should be, this fringe has great movement, and is made with great quality.

My next Forever favorite is a fringe piece that I just discovered online yesterday! It’s another genuine suede leather piece, however a jacket. This fringe jacket is very light, so it’s perfect for the fall. It also has a vintage, yet timelessness to it, making it one of their high demand products. The tan jacket is currently sold out, so I don’t know about you, but I’ll be waiting patiently in the background until I receive my ‘back in stock’ email.

Finally, I’m obsessed with this fringe little black dress. This dress is simple, however, the subtle fringe detailing adds something dynamic. Pair this dress with plain booties–black or tan, and you will for sure become a showstopper. This little number will be making a live appearance to the blog very soon!

Below you’ll find my #ootd look featuring my favorite fringe clutch. You’ll find that I’ve paired this adaptable clutch with a black and white striped top, black distressed denim, and a military style vest. I also added my pink pointed heels to add a splash of bright color.

Stay tuned for an appearance and review of my favorite ‘Forever’ fringe finds!

The fringe clutch is a must!
  Every girl needs a military vest!Another fall and winter staple… black super distressed denim.
  Don’t forget to add a splash of color! Pink suede pointed pumps make everything pop!

Also see this clutch in black.