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Meet the King of Shades… Eye Feel Shady

Sunglasses, sunnies, shades… whatever you tend to call them, they’re just the best right? On the days when you really don’t care to wear make up, or if you’re simply aiming to create that finishing touch on you outfit–sunglasses really come in handy!

It’s funny because I was never really a sunglasses person. If you look back on my Instagram account, or even my early blogs, I never wore them. I felt they were overpriced, not classic enough to match multiple outfits, and highly vulnerable to accidents, if you’re the mother to a toddler! However, Blogger Sasha Agent wearing sunglassessomewhere along the line, I discovered a brilliant sunglasses company by the name of, Eye Feel Shady. This company sells both classic and trendy sunnies–Oh and drumroll please… they are affordable! However, there was still one more factor… I needed to know if they were made with quality.

Experimenting with Sunglasses

After trying out my first pair of sunglasses from this company, I was hooked! They were classic, sturdy and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg! After this, I knew I was in good hands. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to be named the Eye Feel Shady ambassador. I’m in love with all of their different styles and colors, but most of all–it’s the quality of their frames in addition to their affordable prices.

Take a look at my pictures below to see all of my faves! What I love about this company is that their pieces are affordable enough to simply try it out–whereas with other designer companies, you are experimenting with a lot more money. If you’re looking for additional savings, feel free to click on the ad to your right!

Happy Friday friends, and have a shady weekend!

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