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Oh, Now I Remember!

Happy Wednesday my friends! It is officially the first week of school, and I feel like I can finally say that I am okay with getting back to work. After the first day with my students, I remembered what it means to make an impact on the lives of young individuals.


Speaking of making an impact, meet a new and amazing non-profit company by the name of Starfish Project. Starfish Project is known for empowering women by helping them escape the world of human trafficking and exploitation in Asia. These women create beautiful jewelry, and in return, are able to become photographers, graphic designers, accountants and managers. This non-profit offers holistic care programs that provide vocational training, shelter, healthcare, counseling, and educational grants for women and their children. Inspiring right?

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Receiving a handwritten thank you card from one of these courageous women made me realize that I’m truly blessed to be in a career that makes a difference. All summer, I feel like I’ve been griping and complaining about getting back to work. However, I’m in the position where I get the opportunity to inspire children and give them the tools they need to have a promising future. With my students, I can help them achieve success straight out of school–kind of like these women.Blogger wearing turquoise beaded necklace and bohemian sundress (shop for a cause)

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As consumers, we also have the power to make a difference. Shop for a cause and check out Starfish Project, their mission and of course–their amazing jewelry. Feel free to shop my favorite pieces below on my Shop the Post!

Have an amazing hump day!

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