Blogger Sasha Agent wearing a bohemian dress| Leather Tote by FashionABLE

Go, Go, Go!

This summer we did a lot of traveling. As a family we took a road trip stopping in West Texas, Albuquerque, and ultimately the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Next, the hubs and I took a quick date night/day date to San Antonio and Austin. And finally, I traveled to my neck of the woods, Northern California and San Francisco, for a little leisure/work time.Blogger Sasha Agent packing with leather tote by FashionABLE

The Leather Common Denominators

Well, as I was editing pictures for the blog, I found a common denominator throughout all of my pictures. There were two pieces that I clearly couldn’t live without, and found myself wearing over and over again– my Mamuye Tote and Simple Leather Choker by FASHIONABLE.

The Bottomless Leather Tote

Before traveling to the Grand Canyon, I knew I needed a durable, yet beautiful tote thatBlogger Sasha Agent wearing a bohemian dress, fringe boots| Leather Tote by FashionABLE would have to match all vacation outfits, plus be able to hold all traveling necessities like… baby wipes, makeup (for those blog touch ups), pull-ups, extra toddler clothes, bottled water, snacks, camera, phone–you name it! I had the ultimate mom bag goin’ on! Ha! The best part (don’t judge me) was the rich leathery smell! Talk about leather! No, talk about QUALITY leather!

The Everyday Leather Choker

Another leather accessory I wore on default was my Simple Leather Choker in cognac–the
same color as my tote. This choker’s simplicity is what makes it so beautiful. I can literallyBlogger Sasha Agent | Leather choker by FashionABLE match this choker with almost everything casual, which is why I think I wore it so much! It just seemed to finish my outfits so effortlessly. Now, would you believe me if I told you it was only $20 bucks? Yep! I’ll be purchasing my next one in black, thank you very much!

Fashion with a Cause

If you love companies that are all about great causes, you’ll love FASHIONABLE! This is
another company that gives back to the community on both a local and global level. With
you’re not just investing in a quality piece, but you’re also investing in a
heroic woman (see their about page here). “When a woman is empowered with work to do,Blogger Sasha Agent| Leather Tote and choker by FashionABLE whether in the home or office, she not only experiences the joy of developing a skill, she also impacts her family and community.” ( FASHIONABLE).

Take a look at my photos below… You’ll immediately see that I’m crazy over my leather goods from FASHIONABLE. I’ve taken both my Mamuye Tote and Simple Leather Choker with me from the West Coast to Texas! Ha! Even with my teacher summer vacation coming to an end, I will continue to use both of these pieces because they’re timeless and perfect for all seasons.

If you scroll to the very bottom of this post, you’ll find my FASHIONABLE favorites and wish list–so feel free to browse!

Happy Hump Day!

Blogger Sasha Agent wearing a bohemian dress| Leather Tote| Grand CanyonGrand Canyon (South Rim), Arizona Blogger Sasha Agent wearing jumper| Leather Tote by FashionABLEAlbuquerque, New MexicoBlogger Sasha Agent wearing a bohemian top| Leather Tote by FashionABLEWest TexasBlogger Sasha Agent wearing a bohemian dress| Leather choker by FashionABLEAlbuquerque, New MexicoBlogger Sasha Agent | Golden Gate Bridge| Leather Tote by FashionABLESan Francisco, CaliforniaBlogger Sasha Agent wearing off the shoulder top| Leather choker by FashionABLEAustin, TexasBlogger Sasha Agent packing with leather tote by FashionABLE

My FASHIONABLE Faves and Wishlist

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