Giving back|Blogger Sasha Agent wearing bohemian jewelry.
Hidden Gem

Every now and then I find a buried treasure searching Instagram hashtags. I want to say I was searching #bohemian, #boho–something like that, and I came across an amazing pair of rustic bohemian earrings. When I got to the account, Otra Vez (@ov_eco), I saw a ton of other amazing earrings, in addition to necklaces and bracelets! I was immediately mesmerized by this company’s rustic and vintage flare. I found myself spam liking everything–literally because it was all so gorgeous! Before I got too attached, I made sure that I searched the price tags to these Giving back|Sasha Agent's bohemian jewelrypieces. Well, I was surprised to find that everything was super affordable!

Giving Back

Otra Vez, or Again in English, is a company that sells amazing handmade jewelry (individually and wholesale) using either vintage or new material. However, what’s even more amazing… they also have an incredible cause and see the power of giving back. Their name alone holds power and meaning–check this out! Otra Vez gives back to the community, both locally and globally. They proudly employ, empower, and equip women artisans by teaching them life skills, business skills, and even help them to grow linguistically. These women in turn get that second chance in life to be anything they want. Another cool fact about this giving Seattle-based gem… they also have a partnership with the amazing Whole Foods Market!

My Summer Otra Vez

This summer I’ve been wearing my Otra Vez pieces non-stop! My brass bar necklaces areGiving back|Blogger Sasha Agent's bohemian jewelry literally perfect for wearing separate or even together! So far I’ve worn them both dressed up and dressed down. The statement earrings (seen here and here) were my defaults during our New Mexico and Grand Canyon vacation. They seemed to just go with everything I wore, adding that finished detail to make my outfits really pop!

See my pictures below, along with my correlating outfits at the bottom of this post! Check out Otra Vez on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest, or at for more amazing pieces!




Enjoy your weekend my friends!

Blogger Sasha Agent wearing bohemian jewelry, dress and fringe toteBlogger Sasha Agent wearing bohemian jewelryBlogger Sasha Agent wearing bohemian jewelry and dress at Grand Canyon

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